Tuesday, 3 February 2015

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Hooked by Christine Manzari
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Blurb - If you ask the confident and snarky skater girl, and she’s in the mood to share, she’ll tell you her name is Cat. She might even tell you that she’s hooked on graffiti, 80s movies, and having fun—the riskier the better. Cat will share a good time with you, but she won’t ever trust you enough to share her heart. It’s protected by secrets and she’d like to keep it that way. 

Cat knows one thing for certain: Love isn’t really her thing. 

If you ask the confident and rich pretty boy, he might tell you his name is Huck. He might even tell you he loves a challenge and is used to getting his way. He won’t tell you that his life is a mess because he risked his heart by trusting the wrong girl. Huck is ready for a change, he just wasn’t ready to get hooked on someone like Cat. 

Huck knows one thing for certain: Love hasn’t done him any favors, but Cat just might be worth the risk. 

Cat and Huck think a one-night stand seems harmless, but when all the little secrets they didn’t share turn out to be toxic truths, they realize how easily a one-night stand (or a few) could ruin everything. 

The thing is, you can be ruined in more than one way. Once you’re HOOKED, what wouldn’t you risk for the chance at more?

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My Review
3.5 Cate and Huck not Cate and Will Stars

Hooked is the first book I have read by this author and I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review so here goes...

Hooked is a bit of a split personality story we have Cat & Huck meeting on the beach, flirting and having some very sexy no complications sex.

Cat is a full of attitude skater girl, who is bitchy and witty and so sarcastic that I was giggling like a teenager.

Then there’s Huck aka Pretty Boy to be honest his main personality is attracted to Cat, he sort of stalks her. Now that should be creepy but is actually just kind of romantic!!

I love their banter as Cat & Huck there connection is palpable and easy.

Then the book heads in a different direction and they become Cate & Will.

Cate is a super bitch with more attitude that an angry tiger, personally I’m not a fan of Cate. Will is a wannabe control freak who's led around by his dick and his desire to be with Cate regardless of the risks.

I struggled with this section of the book because neither character is exactly at their best, they fight, they kiss and then they start the process all over again. She’s a bitch, he’s a dick and to be honest this is where I put my kindle down and had a break for a few hours.

The situation with Cats mom is the next thing and this was just incredibly sad, Christine Manzari you made me cry. This part of the story is beautifully yet heartbreakingly well written and although it’s inevitable I was really hoping for that miracle!!

There’s a lot of stuff going on in this story, I did enjoy it but I feel like I got whiplash with the way Cat/Cate changed her mind every ten seconds.

I loved Cat and Huck not so much Cate and Will but I’m glad it turned out well in the end.

Hooked gets 3.5 stars from me.

About the Author

The first thing Christine does when she's getting ready to read a book is to crack the spine in at least five places. She wholeheartedly believes there is no place as comfy as the pages of a well-worn book. She's addicted to buying books, reading books, and writing books. Books, books, books. She also has a weakness for adventure, inappropriate humor, and coke (the caffeine-laden bubbly kind). Christine is from Forest Hill, Maryland where she lives with her husband, three kids, and her library of ugly spine books.

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