Sunday, 11 May 2014

Entice - Book # 3 in the Eagle Elite Series by Rachel Van Dyken - 5 STARS!!!

Entice by Rachel Van Dyken

5 Amazing edge of  my seat stars
Blurb - “As burns this saint, so burns my soul. I enter alive, and I will have to get out dead.”

Chase Winter let the love of his life slip through his fingers and into the hands of his best friend and mafia boss of the Abandanato family. Now that he's been given a second chance to right a wrong--he refuses to let his own selfishness stand in the way. The only problem? He's not fully in possession of his heart, so when Mil De Lange, the girl who's innocence he stole, and heir to the worst of the worst mafia families in the US, asks him for a favor. He actually says yes, not realizing that that one yes has the power to destroy them all.

Mil's been in love with Chase as long as she can remember, but as the years went by, the love turned to hate, and now that he's agreed to help her, she's wondering if she made a fatal error. Because Chase isn't a teenager anymore. He's a hot blooded male, bent on owning every part of her body and soul, and willing to kill anyone in his path who dares stand in the way.
It's time for secrets to finally be revealed...but make no mistake, it's going to take a lot of bloodshed for those truths to be discovered.
You've never read a New Adult Mafia story like this before...loyalties will be tested, lovers reunited, and friendships obliterated. Welcome to the Family. Blood in--No out.
Entice is book #3 in the Eagle Elite Series by Rachel Van Dyken.
I won this ARC in a competition in exchange for an honest review so here it goes.
OK so the first thing I want to say about this book is OMG!!!! Its flaming amazeballs!!!
I loved the first two books but Christ Entice had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.
So the best bits....
·         Chase, Christ hot as hell and he actually turned round to Mil and said “I want to be your Saviour” god swoon!!!!
·         Mafia wars just fantastic!
·         Tex ..... I can’t wait for the next book I just know Tex’s story is gonna blow my mind!
And the not so good bits....
·         The book wasn’t long enough I only received the book today and I devoured it in one go; I could have coped with it being twice as long.

To be honest I stumbled across Elect in good reads after I had read the seaside series by Rachel Van Dyken and I wasn’t sure it was going to be my cup of tea but figured I would give it a go. Thank God I did from about 10 pages in I was completely sucked in, I counted down till Elect was released and I was soooooo excited when I won this ARC in a competition.
This book drops you straight back into the drama following on from book #2 and the crazy times keep on rolling, Entice keeps the intensity going from start to finish at some points I was actually jumping up and down in my chair.
I’m soooo glad that Nixon & Trace are still a big part of this story I really worried that once they got together they would fade into the background. I loved the chapters that were in Nixon’s POV and I love that Trace got badass with a gun!!!
I didn’t like Mil in Elect I was waiting for her to double cross Chase & Nixon but I completely changed my mind in this book. She was vulnerable and so head over heels in love with Chase I have totally converted.... go Team Mase!!!
Oh and god Chase, Chase, Chase he was just so lovely in this book, I thought he was adorable when he was swooning over Trace. But Christ with Mil he is the perfect man, he’s alpha, he’s sexy and he would protect Mil from anything that threatened her.
I feel like in this book the characters all grew up an awful lot, the school is in the past and they are all developing and stepping up to their roles as heads of Mafia families. I love the idea that a group of twenty something men and women are becoming the key players in the American Mafia families, it leaves so much scope for more books in this series!!
Rachel Van Dyken has a brilliant ability to create suspense and leave you desperate to know what happens next and this is what it feels like all the way through this book.
I’m gonna go fangirl just for a second and say I LOVE THIS SERIES and I LOVED, LOVED LOVED this book.  Don’t hesitate one click the whole series, grab a glass of wine and enjoy.
I can’t wait for Tex’s story and from the first chapter of Elicit I’ve now read it’s going to be amazing.