Monday, 9 June 2014

Bad for You - Book #7 in the Sea Breeze Series by Abbi Glines - 5 STARS!

Bad for You by Abbi Glines
Five fantastic I love Krit Stars
Blurb - Innocence was never meant for the addictive…

Addiction was something Krit Corbin accepted as part of his nature a long time ago. He decided to embrace it and flip his finger at the rules. Women had always been the number one thing on his list of addictions. He couldn’t get enough. Being the lead singer in a rock band had only made access to his favourite addiction that much easier.

Being alone was the only thing Blythe Denton understood. The small town minister’s family that raised her hadn’t accepted her as their own. The minister’s wife had always made sure Blythe understood just how unworthy she was of love. When Blythe is sent away to college and given a chance to finally be free of living as an unwanted burden, she looks forward to having peace in her life. Being alone isn’t something that bothers her. She escapes reality in the stories she writes.

However, the ridiculously sexy tattooed guy who keeps throwing parties in the apartment above hers is driving her crazy. For starters, he doesn’t treat her like she would expect a guy with a different woman always hanging on his arm to treat someone as uninteresting as her. She looks nothing like the gorgeous women she sees parading in and out of his apartment, but for some strange reason he keeps showing up at her door.

During a party at his apartment, Krit’s new neighbour comes to the door with her long brown hair pulled up in a messy knot and a pair of glasses perched on her cute little nose. She wants him to turn down the music, but he convinces her to stay.

Krit Corbin may have just found his biggest addiction yet. And Blythe Denton realizes too late that she’s finally been claimed.
Ok so in a minute I will write a proper review but first I just need to gush for a minute...
I love Abbi Glines books, I’ve enjoyed all of the Sea Breeze Series so far, but Bad For You is by far my absolute favourite!!! God I’ve just finished it and I’m still sitting with a big grin at just how lovely it was.
So the good bits...
·         Everything!!!
·         Krit, god Cage used to be my favourite he has been knocked off the top spot by Krit he went straight in at the top I love him!!!
·         Blythe is adorable I just wanted to reach into the pages and give her a hug.
The not so good bits...
·         This book was far too short; I need more Krit & Blythe!!!
Yes as you may have guessed I liked this book a lot!!
Abbi Glines book are always guaranteed to be sweet and heart warming, but what Bad for You did better than the others in the series so far was make me completely fall for both characters and be willing them to be happy and together right from the very start.
I love that Krit was deep down such a sensitive little soul, in the previous books in the series Krit has been portrayed as a womanizing asshole.
Abbi Glines is a genius what better way to make people engage with a character than simply to think that Krit is a knobhead and then once his character is properly introduced for the reader to understand what makes him tick and why he behaves the way he does.
God Blythe & Krit you could feel the sexual chemistry bouncing between them and I think I loved the fact that not only were they a couple and the sex was hot and steamy but I probably would have been just as happy if they had ended up as best friends.
In some ways they were incredibly similar, both Krit & Blythe had traumatic childhoods where they were denied love and affection so really they could not have been more perfect for one another.
Krit and Blythe are polar opposites in almost every way but they still manage to be very alike, now some people may say that Krits obsessive behaviour toward Blythe was extreme and worrying but I completely disagree. Krit blatantly adored Blythe and you could feel how he worshiped the ground she walked on that’s very sexy!!
I m so glad that we got to see a bit more of Trisha in this book, she has been mentioned in most of the books but I like her and would love a novella about her and Rock.
Green needs his own book too, he was a real sweetie definitely need to know more.
Over all I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book it was sickly sweet and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.