Thursday, 19 June 2014

Here Without You - Book #4 in the Between the Lines Series by Tammara Webber - 4.5 STARS!!

Here Without You by Tammara Webber
Four & a half made me cry stars
Blurb - Everyone has secrets.
Some are buried so deep, their existence is forgotten.
But a secret never told can turn into a lie.
And in love, a lie is one thing:

Reid's in love with Dori, though she hasn't told her parents that she's fallen hard for the guy they'd forbidden her to see. Now she's leaving for college, and Reid's promise not to push her to go public is wearing thin, especially when she can't - or won't - return those three important words he wants to hear.

Five years ago, Brooke and Reid were a Thing. That relationship is long gone, detonated amid allegations of cheating - but they still share a secret that would stun everyone they know and alter public perception of them both if it ever comes out. And it's about to do just that.
Here Without You is book #4 in the Between The Lines Series I’ve read the previous three books and LOVED them!!!
Book 4 Here Without You did not disappoint in fact I think it’s the best in the series!!!
Ok so the best bits...
·         Reid I hated him in the first book of this series but I am a total convertee now I <3 him!!!
·         I’m a sucker for a happy ending and I felt after book 3 that Reid and Brooke’s son would never be spoken of again. I loved how this book ended!!!
·         River, what an adorable little boy and beautifully written.
And the not so good bits...
·         I hate to admit this but Dori; I hated her weird attitude in this book.
Ok fangirl moment I loved this book, like really really loved this book!!!
Glad that’s over lol so here’s why I am gushing over it....
This series started out as fun flirty holiday read but it has evolved into a touching moving story that it is just beautiful.
This is complex situation and it’s told from four POV’s, yes that is four POV’s now this shouldn’t work. It should be overly complicated and convoluted but it’s not.
Now I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I’m not a massive Brooke fan, to be fair the girl has come across as a right royal bitch in the other books in the series!!
I’m so glad that Tammara Webber decided to show Brookes POV because although she is still a bitch at least now I feel like she’s actually human! This book shows Brookes journey from vapid Hollywood socialite to her becoming a mother. I found her fear and insecurities humbling and incredibly endearing, and by the end I felt like she genuinely had Rivers best interests at heart.
I didn’t particularly like Dori in this book, now don’t get me wrong the poor girl has been through her fair share of crap but she just feels so jaded and bitter and I struggled to find any empathy for her.
Rivers POV’s were heartbreaking and each made me well up and my heart actually clenched for him.
Really no matter how many different characters pov’s we hear from this book is all about Reid, he overshadows everyone else and I love him. His journey has stretched over the full series of books and he is barely recognizable as the person from the first book.
I still love Reid & Dori together and I could feel the adoration and longing for Dori’s love just poured out of Reid. I felt their connection and revelled in it, now there is obviously sex happening in this book but the relationship between Reid & Dori feels almost chaste. I quite liked that even though they were having hot steamy sex they still had the innocence that comes with people of their ages.
What makes this book work for me is that from the first word I embraced each of the characters and I felt completely engrossed in the story. I always say that any book that pulls me in and makes me forget about everything else is worth its weight in gold. Well Here Without You had such a firm grip on me I finished it in 3hours lol.
This book is beautifully written, heartbreakingly sentimental and it made me cry like a baby I loved it!!