Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Lovely Trigger - Book #3 in the Tristan & Danika Series by R.K. Lilley - 4 STARS!

Lovely Trigger by R.K. Lilley
Four Bloody Beautiful Stars

Tristan hit rock bottom, and no one felt the impact harder than Danika. She was forced to see, in the most brutal of ways, that love does not conquer all. Bruised, bloody, and broken she had to walk away.


Picking up the pieces of your life after a tragedy is a daunting prospect, and that’s considering you still own all of the pieces. But what if you don’t? What if someone else owns those pieces, and those pieces are a part of your soul?

You dig deep and work with what you’ve got.

That’s what Danika told herself and believed, every single day, for years.

Tristan and Danika’s love had failed every test that life had thrown at them. She couldn’t forget that, not for one second. And if those tests had been overly harsh, well, she wasn’t one to wallow in self-pity. The failure was the thing she had to focus on. The failure was the lesson. She had no intention of working so hard to make it out of hell without learning that lesson well.


Over six years after the night that changed everything, Danika finds herself forced to spend the weekend constantly in Tristan’s company, as they attend the wedding of two of their dearest friends. It’s been long enough that she feels they can be friendly again without it destroying her peace of mind, but just a small amount of time in his presence has her remembering something she had forced herself to forget: There’d been a reason she’d gone through hell with this man, for this man, some true good to precede the bad.

She shocks herself by quickly giving in to a hunger that she never imagined could still consume her.

Even the best intentioned denial has a breaking point.


After everything that’s happened, the rise and the fall, the pain and the aftermath, can these two navigate the waters of acute regret, survive the trials of coming face to face with all that they have lost, and find the strength to try again?

Lovely Trigger is book # 3 in the Tristan & Danika Series which is a spin off series from the Up In The Air series a full reading order is available here.
I have loved all of the books in this series so far but for some reason Lovely Trigger has sat unread on my e-reader for a while, I have come to the conclusion it’s because I don’t want this series to end!!!
So the good bits....
·         Tristan, he is alpha, mixed up and generally a bit of a hot mess but god he’s soooo sexy!!!
·         Danika, she’s strong but angry and I loved seeing her break down those walls in this book.
·         As this is spin off of another series we know all of the characters and their stories, I feel like it makes for a more rounded read.
And the not so good bits...
·         This series is finished L
·         I missed badass messed up Tristan, we see glimpses of him but he is definitely more tame in this book.
Ok so I loved this book, R.K. Lilley writes gritty almost dark story lines but she manages to wrap them around a beautiful epic love story.
My overall feeling for this book is thank god Tristan & Danika managed to find a way back to each other. Now don’t get me wrong it was always going to happen but I was still routing for them.
This book drags you into the story, you feel the emotional rollercoaster that their relationship is and every emotion they feel is strong and defined.
I found myself being bitter and angry towards Tristan on Danika’s behalf, but under all the pain and suffering they caused each other they still loved and were obsessed with one another.
God I wanted to go and bitch slap Mona for Danika, she was far to calm about that muppet!!!
In the Up In The Air Series Tristan is described as a dom but I just don’t see it, now I would defiantly say he is alpha which works for me lol.
The sex is definitely sexy but I would say to call it sex would be wrong, they worshipped each other and that connection and chemistry was so strong I felt like a bit of a voyeur.
Tristan felt tortured in most of this book, now this is completely understandable he destroyed his life and relationship because of his addictions. I loved when we started to see some of his playful side come back again, I love the cheeky chappy part of him.
I sooo glad that we got to see what happened in the six years that they were separated but I’m glad that R.K. Lilley did in so that we weren’t bogged down with lots of details, for me the quick recap sections were perfect.
This book definitely had an out of the darkness and into the light feeling to it, the book flowed from misery to joy and I loved that.
Overall this book was beautiful, moving and it captured me and dragged me along for the ride. For me the best books are the ones that you simply can’t put down, the ones where knowing what happens become more important than most anything else. Well this book I finished at 3.34am lol I couldn’t put it down I’m so sad that this series is now finished but what a way to end simply brilliant!!!