Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Save Me by Amanda Heath - Make or Break Me #3 - 4 STARS!

Save Me by Amanda Heath
Four Rich Kids Rock Stars
Blurb - Courtney Pierce never thought he would love anyone but Annabella Gage. She was his entire world for eleven years. Even though she was dating his older brother, he couldn’t seem to let her go. Then things shifted and lines became blurred. Pierce wasn’t sure whose bed Annabella should be in anymore.

But Annabella has secrets. Dark secrets she will do anything to protect. So like the crazy witch that she is, she rips Pierce’s heart to shreds and devastates his soul. He’s left with the emotional wreckage and no way out in sight.

Then Rachel Sanders drop kicks into his life. The beautiful brunette is utterly hard to resist and one night of intense passion leads to an unexpected surprise. A surprise that has all their friends shocked, because Rachel and Pierce couldn’t be more different.

Now he’s left with one option and it doesn’t include Annabella. Rachel, though, is full of surprises and Pierce finds their relationship so incredibly easy. Way easier than what he had with Annabella. So easy he finds he didn’t even know what love was before Rachel.

But like any twisted love story, Pierce is hiding dark secrets, too. Secrets that he feels will rip he and Rachel apart. When push comes to shove will Pierce spill those secrets? And if he does, will they separate the new lovers before they even have a chance to begin?

Much like Pierce and Annabella, someone else has something to hide. Let’s hope Rachel sticks around because when this secret comes out. , she’ll be the only one who can save Pierce.
Save Me is book # 3 in the Make or Break Series, I’m a huge fan of this author and I have really enjoyed the previous two books.
Ok so the good bits...
·         Courtney (Pierce) is absolutely adorable, I love him!!
·         Rachel, she’s sassy and full of attitude but also insecure and lonely.
And the not so good bits...
·         These characters are all high school age and hell they have all been through so much I’m surprised they are all sitting and rocking.
·         Annabella what a nut job.
Ok so I really enjoyed this book, I will admit I had some very high expectations and I was not disappointed.
Courtney Pierce has defiantly been portrayed as the bad guy in the previous books and apart from a glimpse in book #2 we haven’t really seen anything of his personality.
Save Me for me is really all about Courtney, god if I had met a guy like him at 18 I would have married him in an instant. He is incredibly mature for his age and deep down such a sensitive soul.
I feel a bit like a perv because I will quietly admit that I’m lusting abit after Courtney, now I know that he’s 18 but god I imagine him as a bit of a male model type sex god!!!
There is quite alot of sex in this book which for me is a bit weird because they are only kids still in high school, now if I pretend that they are both mid twenties then I can happily say that the sex is hot!!!
Courtney & Rachel have some chemistry I liked them together, I felt like there vibe was more of a love than rip each other’s clothes off but it still gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling whilst I read the book.
Now whilst Courtney appeared much older than his 18yrs Rachel was very young and immature.
I loved that she was full of sass an attitude and she complimented Courtney’s reserved quietness perfectly.
I would have liked to have heard abit more of Rachel’s POV because I don’t feel like we get to know her that well in this book.
It was brilliantly bizarre that when Rachel found out she was pregnant all of the families were very accepting of it and no one suggested that she have an abortion.
I hated Annabella with a passion she was a selfish evil bitch and that’s terrifying for someone so young.
I have to say that this book is a bit daft, super rich trust fund kids with extreme lifestyles, it definitely feels like its nods its cap towards Gossip Girl but I loved that show so this works for me.
Overall I loved this book its silly and passionate and sweet and just a really good read.