Sunday, 24 August 2014

Euphoria by Erin Noelle - Book Boyfriend #3 - 4 Stars

Euphoria by Erin Noelle

4 Thank God for that Stars
Blurb - After a series of catastrophic misunderstandings and impulsively poor decision-making, Scarlett MacGregor finds herself once again torn between two loves, as different as they may be. Lacking proper closure with their relationship, accompanied by the overwhelming guilt for her role in his devastating downfall, Scarlett resolves to help Mason recover and reclaim his life as a budding rock star. However, now that he has finally claimed her as his, Ash Walker is bound and determined to keep her by his side, and he will go to any lengths necessary to do just that.

Mason Templeton has hit rock bottom. He’s in love with a girl whose heart and soul belong to another and he’s partied his way off of an international music tour that was supposed to be his big break. Returning home for rehab sounds like the worst possible way to start a new year, but when an unexpected friendship emerges, he begins to realize that maybe everything does happen for a reason.

Euphoria is book #3 in the Book Boyfriend Series here are links for my reviews of book #1 Metamorphosis and book #2 Ambrosia.

I’m not sure how I feel about this third book, I’ve read all three books one after another and although it ended how I hoped it would I’m not that happy with how it got there!

I don’t really like Scarlett in this book I feel like she is a bit of a doormat and she just agrees with whatever Ash says because she is terrified of losing him.

I wanted her to truly grow as a person and stand on her own two feet, even though she manages to get through all of these awful traumatic events I just don’t feel like she ever really managed to become her own person.

I loved Scarlett in the first book yes she was sheltered and inexperienced but she owned that and was adorable because of that.

Unfortunately what I found cute in the first book I just found stale in the third, time has passed and she really should have changed but she just didn’t!!!

I’m sorry but I still don’t like Ash he was controlling and manipulative but he did it in a sly, underhand way.

I feel like anytime Scarlett didn’t agree or act how he wanted her to he either guilt tripped or manipulated her using sex to get the result he wanted!!!

As you may have guessed I’m still firmly team Mason!!!

I LOVE HIM (swoon) he just got better as the series progressed and when he came back for Scarlett at the end I literally turned into a puddle of mush!!!

I really wanted Scarlett to pick Mason, she mentioned a book where there’s soul mates and then there’s true love and Scarlett & Mason were true love!!!

I loved the epilogue that’s what I wanted all along!!!

This series of books has been a massive rollercoaster of emotions for me I have laughed with Evie & Scarlett; I have cried my eyes out on more than one occasion!! I have shouted at my ereader at Scarlett’s stupid decisions and in my outrage at her ever thinking team Ash lol. But mainly I have loved every single minute!

It’s been a long time since I have read a full series of books in one go, but I was immediately sucked in and I simply had to know what happened 4 stars!!