Sunday, 17 August 2014

Let Me In by Amanda Hough - Mikhailov Brothers #2 - 3.75 Stars

Let Me In by Amanda Hough

3.75 Great but Frustrating Stars
Blurb - Why do I have to lust after the dangerous ones?"
Toni Hume tried to abide by a few simple rules: Work hard, use what you got and never date the customers.

Toni had plans. Big ones. Ones that did not include the dangerous-looking Dragan Mikhailov who may, or may not be a mobster.
But no matter the circumstances, he kept showing up in her life. And like it or not, he wasn't going anywhere.

Dragan Mikhailov had been to hell and back. Separated from family and living on the fringe, he was a dangerous man with one goal in mind. Revenge.

But when a stunning bartender gives him a run for his money, he's forced to reassess what he's willing to lose. When he decides his future is with the blonde beauty, he works to make that happen. He knows she's the one. If only Toni will let him in.

Let Me In is book #2 in the Mikhailov Brothers series, I loved Book #1 Let it Go and here is a link for my review.

After harassing Amanda Hough the author in the early hours of the morning after finishing book #1 she promised me a copy of Let Me In to review (probably just to get me to go away lol) so here goes...

Ok so Dragan is hot!!! He’s a big, tatted up guy who is the epitome of the ‘man of mystery’ persona.

But I have to say I think Toni is my favourite character in this book. She is so full of attitude and snarkiness I just really engaged with her character. She is so sarcastic and borderline rude I just found her hilarious.

I read a lot of romance books and sometimes I do get sick of reading about all these women who are weak idiots. It was so refreshing to read a female lead who could actually take the lead.

I love Dragan but I feel like I don’t know much more about him at the end of his story than I did at the start. Don’t get me wrong I know that he is supposed to be an enigma but I needed to get to know him a bit better to understand his behaviour.

And seriously is he a paid killer for the government??? WTF does he actually do!!!!

This book disappointingly didn’t answer many of the questions from the first book either like who attacked Evie??? What was on the hard drive that Eric was killed for stealing??

This book opened another big can of worms like how did it all relate back to Sergey & Dragan’s grandmother???

Obviously Dragan & Toni were hot for each other but I would have loved to have read about them exploring a relationship like we did with Sergey & Evie in the first book.

I already know I’m going to LOVE Benny & Nico’s book the fact that he had a women on her knees giving him a blowjob as the prelude means it’s going to be a lot of cheeky, dirty fun.

I loved Let Me In but I’m also really frustrated lol I needed it to be longer and to answer all of the questions I still have burning for resolution.  I’m really hoping that Dragan & Toni get a novella or something that gives me more of them as a couple. 
This book gets 3.75 stars from me.