Monday, 4 August 2014

The Golden Locket by Primula Bond - The Unbreakable Trilogy #2 - 2 Stars!

The Golden Locket by Primula Bond
Two annoying stars
Blurb - Temptation would test them…

The second novel in the Unbreakable Trilogy, The Golden Locket follows Gustav and Serena to New York.

Ensconced in their Manhattan penthouse, all seems blissfully happy for Gustav and Serena. Still in the first flush of love, they have every satisfaction they could need.

But as they enjoy their New York pleasure ground, ghosts start to emerge from Gustav’s past, and when his damaged younger brother, Pierre, comes back into his life, he brings with him a dangerous threat…

With temptation waiting at every turn, can Gustav and Serena survive all the excitement that the Big Apple holds?

The Golden Locket is book #2 in The Unbreakable Trilogy here is my review of the first book The Silver Chain.
I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this book or this trilogy.
I feel like I have changed allegiance in this book and I now am a bigger fan of Gustav than Serena.
I spent most of the book wanted to shake Serena and shout ‘What the Hell Are You Doing’
I HATE Pierre and I just don’t understand why Serena just sits back and let’s stuff happen without telling Gustav!!!
The kink factor in this book is head and shoulders above the first book but instead of focussing on the bondage side of things for some reason this book has a bit of a thing for girl  on girl action.
I like Gustav in this book he is an idiot I love and we don’t see any of the weird stalker like tendencies that he exhibited previously.
God Polly needed a slap too what the hell was going on with her!!!
I’m not sure that I actually like this book, the sex seems forced and to be honest I feel again like Primula Bond throws in the ménage and lesbian stuff in the hope of being provocative.
Unfortunately for me it just didn’t work, the way the weird sex type scenes with everyone who fancied a grope were literally every other page was just a tad weird.
In this book Serena had full blown sex, received an orgasm from or kissed the following people.
-          Gustav.
-          The Weinmeyer’s both husband and wife had a grope on multiple occasions.
-          Mr Robinson’s daughter and her lesbian lover.
-          The two lesbian burlesque dancers.
-          Pierre.
-          Several unknown people at the party in Venice.
-          The stag and several of his guests Inc Toga Tomas from the first book.
Now that’s just off the top of my head there is probably more!!!
What really infuriated me was that on all of these groping sessions the author wrote it as though Serena was being forced to be involved because she simply could not say no!!!
I know that some may find that sexy and titivating but I just really didn’t sorry!!!
Now last but not least I am convinced that everyone with half a brain knows that Pierre & Margot are in it together to try and split up Serena & Gustav I think it’s completely obvious!!!!!
I’m sorry but im giving this book 2 stars!!! The worst thing about this is I have committed to read the third and final book as well hopefully it will resolve all of the intrigue.