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***Blog Tour - Escape Down Under by S.M. Phillips - Down Under #1 - 4.5 Stars***

***Blog Tour***
Escape Down Under by S.M. Phillips
Down Under #2



For Jess Townsend, life is about to get complicated.
Following on from her split with Josh two months ago, Jess has thrown herself into her work full throttle, making sure that the one good thing in her life remains the same.
Suddenly she is called into an important meeting at work. Absolutely petrified that she is about to lose her job, she does the only thing she knows how. Panic on the inside and walk through it with her head held high on the outside.
Jess soon discovers she is being offered a once in a lifetime opportunity, but will she take it?
After dealing with an ex who can't let go and a broody mysterious Adonis who won't accept no for an answer, maybe the opportunity of an escape has arrived at the perfect time.
What does fate have in store and what obstacles will be thrown her way?

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My Review 
4.5 Marry Me Max Stars

Escape Down Under is the first book I have read by this author, to be honest I randomly one-clicked this book when it was free on Amazon and it has sat on my Kindle until today when I started to read it!!

Max Wild, where have you been all my life!!!!

I need to warn everyone that this book finishes on a cliff hanger , when I realised it was the last page I will admit that I facebook stalked the author,  hoping she is doing a blog tour for the second book Fallen Down Under which is out in November.

I love Max he is male perfection, he’s alpha enough to make your panties damp but sensitive enough to make you want to reach into the book and give him a big hug.

As you can imagine I have spent most of the book in a state of swoon pretty much from the moment that Max dominantly declared that he wanted Jess!!!

I can completely understand why Jess can’t resist Max, I loved that she even tried. Jess is adorable I loved how real her character felt, as a reader I could see qualities of myself in her but also my friends and family too. She is a female character that is incredibly easy to relate to.

Christ talk about sexual chemistry as a couple Jess and Max are smoking hot and seriously sexy.

God Stella needs a slap, I hate her soooo much!!!!!

Well Melissa and Heath blatantly have a thing for each other; I’m hoping that S.M. Phillips writes their story soon.

This is a fab book, the story draws you in and I honestly couldn’t put it down. I hate cliff hangers especially when the next book is not out yet.

I actually need the next book like now!! I mean I really, really need to know what happens.

I loved this book and would highly recommend it; I can’t wait for the next book 4.5 stars!!!

About the Author:

Welcome to the crazy and hectic life that is me... A fun, loving mum of one special little boy, girlfriend (I'm sure it should be wife by now!!) and an overall crazy, happy go lucky girl from England.
I have always had a passion for reading and writing. Wherever I am, my book reader is never far behind along with a mug of coffee.
I found myself wanting to write from a young age, I have quite a few hidden stories on my computer somewhere, maybe I will have to dig them out and play around with them at some point.
I decided to make the very exciting but also very nerve wracking decision to release my debut 'Escape down under' at the end of 2013 when the ideas in my head got too strong and just wouldn't leave me alone.

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