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***Release Day Blitz - Reviews of all Novellas - OWNED: An Alpha Anthology - Out Now***

***Release Day Blitz & Reviews*** 
Owned: An Alpha Anthology 
Nina Levine, Jani Kay, Callie Hart, 
Pepper Winters, Lyra Parish, 
Chelle Bliss, Lilliana Anderson, 
             Lesley Jones, Lila Rose 
                Out Now!!!


Prepare to be Owned...

Lose yourself in this collection of never before seen novellas from eleven best selling authors from around the globe.

And the best part - they contain controlling alphas, feisty females and story lines that will have you holding your breath. 

Don't miss out on this great anthology by:

Lilliana Anderson – Deep Cover: Case 001 
Chelle Bliss – Resisting 
Callie Hart – Rebel ** Lesley Jones – Reed ** 
Jani Kay – Debonaire 
Nina Levine – All Your Reasons 
Lyra Parish – Single: Volume One 
Lila Rose – Finding Out 
Pepper Winters – Forbidden Flaws 

** PLEASE NOTE: There are several novellas that are complete and a few that are previews of full novels that will be released at a later time. The stories with an asterisk (**) beside them are previews of full novels. All others are complete. There are also some that are series starters. The Owned: An Alpha Anthology will only be available for a limited time and is intended for a mature audience. 

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Meet the OWNED Authors

DEBONAIR JANI KAY AMAZON KINDLE EBOOK COVERdeb•o•nair adjective \ˌde-bə-ˈner\ of a man : dressing and acting in a stylish and sophisticated way : urbane, attractive, charming and confident Debonair and sexy-as-sin Tyler Sinclair has fought his way from poverty to the top as a Wall Street stockbroker. Hungry for success, ambitious for power and glory, he doesn’t have time for messy emotions like love. When his colleague is called away on business, Tyler is stuck with an intern he never wanted and doesn’t have time for. Three weeks of torture await him. Raised by a single mother, Brooklyn Bennett is an Australian girl who works and studies hard to achieve her dreams. She scores an internship with a prestigious firm in New York for six months. Focused on her career, she can't afford to lose sight of her goals. Love is not on her agenda. From the moment Tyler lays eyes on the girl with the golden hair, strange accent and sassy attitude, something about her intrigues him. Can he teach her all she needs to learn without losing his heart? Can he make her yield to him not only in the boardroom but also in the bedroom? Will a few nights of passion change the way they both feel about love . . . or is it just about sex, money and desire?  

My Review
5 WTF Bloody Brilliant Stars
Debonair is the 2nd novella in the OWNED: An Alpha Anthology it’s the first thing I have read by the author Jani Kay.

I hate novellas but so far I’m 2 for 2 having my ass kicked by how good the novella’s are in this anthology!!!

You know a story is good when you get to the last words and your mouth actually forms an O in shock and outrage.

Seriously Jani Kay how could you end it there!!!!!

I mean seriously WTF!!!

And the next part doesn’t come out till 2015!!!!!

What are you doing to me woman I need the next part NOW!!!

Tyler OMG is one of the sexiest characters ever he’s like Mr Grey only less obnoxious or maybe he’s actually more obnoxious he just blinds you with swoon worthiness!!!

Whatever it is I’m well and truly hooked I’m team Tyler he’s just WOW!! Not really sure how else to describe it!!!

Brooklyn girl just give him your knickers and say yes honestly why wouldn’t you!!!

I’m actually a bit gobsmacked by this story; it got me hook, line and sinker.

I’m slightly speechless and to be honest that NEVER happens!!!

The worst thing about this novella is that it’s a novella I wanted it to carry on L

Even now 10 minutes after I’ve finishing it I’m still just shrugging my shoulders and going WTF!!!

Bloody, Bloody BRILLIANT 5 WTF stars!!!

Callie Hart – REBEL

COVER FOR LBTSAlexis Romera isn’t ready to die. Thing is… She may not have a choice. *** The president of the Widow Makers MC is determined. The Los Oscuros cartel is going down. The one thing Rebel must do to make that happen? Keep the girl alive.  
My Review
3.5 Too Dark For Me Stars

Rebel isn’t a novella it’s actually a preview of the full length novel by Callie Hart and a part of the Blood & Roses Series.

I actually have Deviant (Blood & Roses #1) sitting on my Kindle waiting to be read; only I’m not sure how I feel about that now.

To be honest this preview of Rebel may have put me off a bit. This sneak peak is dark, like uncomfortably dark.

Now I appreciate that MC books are never sweetness and light but normally the hidden romance story shines through and balances out the harder, darker side of the bikers and their world.

So far Rebel is pitch black!!!!

I usually really like MC books but this story so far just made me feel bad!!!

I’m sure there will be some light at the end of poor Alexi’s tunnel but all I got from this preview was gloom.

Please don’t misunderstand, this is beautifully written and I’m definitely intrigued by the characters.  I actually want to know what happens next but I’m just a bit scared to read the rest of the story in case it gets darker!!!

Yes I’m a wuss but I do struggle with the darker side of these books.

I just don’t think this one is for me sorry 3.5 stars.

Pepper Winters – FORBIDDEN FLAWS

Forbidden Flaws E-Book CoverShe’s forbidden. Saffron Carlton is the darling of the big screen, starlet on the red carpet, and wife of mega producer Felix Carlton. Her life seems perfect with her overflowing bank balance, adoring fans, and luxury homes around the world. Everyone thinks they know her. But no one truly does. The silver limelight is tainted the day the couple announce their divorce. He’s flawed. Raised in squalor, fed on violence and poverty, Cas Smith knows the underbelly of the world. He’s not looking for fame or fortune. He’s looking for a job to get him the hell away from the danger of illegal fighting, and comes face to face with the woman who ran all those years ago. Unable to turn down her job offer, he agrees to be her bodyguard and personal trainer, all while she hides her secrets. He had no intention of letting her back into his heart. But neither of them were prepared for what happens when forbidden and flawed collide —fracturing the world they know, changing the rules forever.  

My Review
4.5 Sexy, Sexy Stars!
Again this is a preview of a full length novel; Forbidden Flaws is the first thing I have read by Pepper Winters.

Bloody hell someone pick me up off the floor because after that sex scene I’m just a puddle of turned on mush!!!!

Christ talk about chemistry and passion!!! I feel a little shell-shocked because Cas and Saffron are smouldering with intensity and sexy spark!!!

Considering this is only a short sneak peak Pepper Winters really manages to pack in the sexy stuff.

This book has gone straight onto my TBR list I’ve no idea when is out but pretty please can I have an ARC and a fan cause if this is anything to go by I’m  going to be seriously hot under the collar.

We learn next to nothing about Cas but I was completely mesmerised by him, he’s alpha and filthy mouthed and just bloody fantastic.

I’m not really sure what to make of Saffron but I think her character will become more engaging in the rest of the book.

This preview just suckered me in and I’m hooked bring on the full novel 4.5 stars!!!

Lilliana Anderson – DEEP COVER

Deep Cover Series 001 smallSome things won’t stay buried… Drake Jefferson has been missing for years. Wanted by the very people who hired him, he left behind his job, his life, and his love to pursue a career of the criminal variety Caitlin Saunders, Drake’s ex-wife and one of the AFP’s best analysts, is doing her best to move on after losing the love of her life. Originally a part of the team that managed Drake’s operation, she gave up her field role the day she realized he’d turned. And she hasn’t trusted a soul since. One phone call in the middle of the night will force her back to active duty - a suspect in an ongoing case has been captured and they insist they have information on Drake – they just aren’t willing to talk to anyone but her. That information will change everything she believed to be true and send her down a path that could land her in the exact position Drake ended up in. It will take every skill set she has, just to keep her head above water as she learns that right and wrong don’t always follow the rules, and that when you’re fighting for love – there are no rules.  

My Review
3.5 Not Sure Stars
Deep Cover: Case 001 is a preview into what will a monthly instalment series.

I don’t read alot of romantic suspense books but this series has me intrigued.

This sneak peak opens a great big can of worms and the only way to answer the shed load of questions I have is to read the rest of the series.... Lilliana Anderson you are a clever little monkey lol.

To be truthful I’m not sure how I feel about any of the characters because you don’t really get to know any of them particularly well.

This novella works as an introduction to the storyline and it throws a hell of a lot of info at you.

There’s some definite chemistry between Caitlin and Drake even though we don’t actually read about them having sex I get the impression it would be intense.

This story was intriguing but I’m not sure I feel the pull to sign on for the rest of the series 3.5 stars

Chelle Bliss – RESISTING

23391830I belong to no one. It’s the way I’ve chosen to live. Master of my own destiny, finding my way through this bullshit thing called life. I learned from a young age how to get my way. Being a woman isn’t a weakness. It’s the opposite. I’ve spent my life being surrounded by four overbearing brothers, but I’ve never been a wallflower. Independent and unwilling to be tied down, I grabbed life by the balls and lived it to the fullest. I was enjoying myself, minding my own business at my brothers wedding. Then WHAM. Ever have a man walk into your life and alter your entire universe? My answer would’ve been no before he tempted me into his bed. I’m talking about the big damn bang. Everything that I thought was right, suddenly spins on its axis and bitch slaps me in the face.

My Review
4.5 Smutastic Stars
Resisting by Chelle bliss is book #3.5 in the Men of Inked Series but actually occurs before book #4 Resist Me.

I'm a massive fan of the Men of Inked series here's a link to reviews for the whole series so far.

For me this novella is brilliant as it's about the night Izzy and James met and the incredibly hot sex they have together.

Trust me when I say if you liked this novella you will LOVE the full novel because it's smuttastic!!!

God Izzy and James have the most incredible chemistry and although they rile each other up and banter they also are just drawn to each other.

One thing I loved about this book was seeing another side to Flash, he is first introduced in the novella Throttled and I kind of hated him!!!

Resisting shows him in a completely different light and I actually thought he was very sweet.

It's difficult for me to judge this as an unknown entity because I know how James and Izzy’s story ends but hell I still enjoyed this flash back into their lives.

I'm a massive fan of Chelle Bliss and as usual this novella is smoking hot and seriously sexy. So this novella gets 4.5 stars from me.


FINDING OUT LILA ROSE AMAZON KINDLE EBOOK COVERIn a moment of weakness, Ivy Morrison tells a lie, a lie which will leave her scrambling for a solution and quick. The perfect solution comes well-packaged in the form of broody and sinfully sexy Fox Kilpatrick, courtesy of Find Your Soul Ma...te online dating service. Desperate times is most definitely a call for desperate measures. With no other choice, Ivy convinces passionate yet possessive Fox to help her in her time of need.
Fox ‘Killer’ Kilpatrick is still caught up in his past, a past of anger and death, which his biker brothers desperately want him to recover from. Losing a bet, Killer finds himself on a blind date with Ivy, the woman who is set to turn his world upside down.
Following your heart is never easy, neither is following an unknown path, but finding out may just be worth the journey to possibility. Only together, will Ivy and Killer discover if it was worth the risk after all.

My Review
4 Needed More Fox Stars

Finding out is book #2.5 in the Hawks Motorcycle Club series.

This is the first thing I have read by Lila Rose but I do have this series on my TBR list.

Ivy has a serious case of the verbal diahorrea she literally never shuts up!!!

Fox is the strong but silent type I seriously heart him!!! He's alpha with a capital A which is incredibly sexy and when you add the dirty mouth I'm basically a puddle of mush.

I enjoyed the biker club aspect but they were all a bit too nice, where oh where are the bad ass bikers!!!

For me the curse of the novella hits again I would have loved for this to be a full novel, it's just threw everything at you at once and then ended much too soon L

This gets 4 stars just wish it had been longer!


ebook-3After failing miserably at love, Roxane VanBuren swears off men but not before her determined best friend shows her all the advantages of being single. After a wild weekend full of sex, old-flames, and secrets, Roxane is desperate to forget it ever happened. But she learns it isn't that easy. Since becoming the President of VanBuren Investments, she knows how important it is for her professional and personal life to remain separate from one another. If the two were to mix, the rumors could possibly ruin her reputation, which is bad for her and bad for business. To avoid that, Roxane allows rules to define and guide her every move. Unfortunately for her, Parker Williams is determined to break them all, one at a time.

My Review
3.5 Not A Roxanne Fan Stars

Single Volume 1 by Lyra Parish is book #1 in the Single series.

This novella packs a lot into a short amount of words.

There's everything in there swingers clubs, private sex parties, fetish shops and a fair amount of sex. 

I'm sorry to say that I just wasn't a massive fan of Roxane, I'm not sure what I didn't like about her but for some reason I just didn't warm to her at all!!

In fact I found myself getting distracted whilst I was reading it, I think perhaps the curse of the novella hit me and I spent more time thinking this is going to end in a minute so I never really engaged with the story.

Tyler and Roxane definitely have some chemistry and I get a feeling that things are about to get kinky in a Dom/ sub way in the next instalment.

This is a good story and I enjoyed the banter between Tyler and Roxanne but for some reason this just didn't really float my boat 3.5 stars

Lesley Jones – REED

10579224_282682771930507_2090930769_nShe was mine. Our love, unquestioned. Our futures planned. But she didn't show. All that we had, all that we meant, and after all that was said, she just didn't show. That one act from her, changed everything, but it especially changed me and from that moment on, there was no going back. No words of love, no whispered promises, just sex and drugs and rock and roll. No one gets a piece of Reed but what they will get is the night of their life, the chance to let go, break their own rules and the best, the dirtiest, filthiest sex ever... Along with the other four people in my bed.

My Review
4 Need To Know What Happens Next Stars

Reed is a preview of the full length novel Conviction and the first thing I have read by Lesley Jones.

Holy crap on a cracker that’s an intense sneak peak.

I’m gonna say now I’m sold hook, line and sinker Conviction is on my TBR list cause I need to know what happens next.

This novella length preview packs a punch as well as some kinky group sex and a seriously messed up alpha male.

Reed is intense to say the least and I’m super intrigued to learn more about him.

I’m not really sure where the book will pick up but obviously it will introduce the elusive Amoeba

The sex, god the sex I’m not sure it’s exactly sexy but it’s definitely extreme and explicit.

I’m a bit stunned and not entirely sure what will happen next but I know that I need to find out 4 stars


When heartbreaker meets ball breaker, sparks will fly. Rockstar, Jett Vaughn, isn’t against settling down, but no woman has ever held his attention long enough for a relationship to develop. That is until he meets Presley Hart. She’s confident, opinionated and headstrong. She drives him to the edge of crazy, but he can’t deny how she makes him feel. He wants her heart, but she only wants his body. Presley’s not against giving her heart to a man, but she has too many reasons why he’s not the one to give it to. Jett isn’t a man who will take no for an answer though. He’s about to declare war on her reasons and take what he wants.  

My Review

4.5 Absolutely Hooked Stars
All your reasons by Nina Levine is book #1 in the crave series. It's a part of the OWNED anthology and I've been lucky enough to have been given an Arc of the anthology in exchange for an honest review so here goes.....

Historically I'm not really a fan of novellas it's possible that this one may have changed my mind!!!!!

Talk about an appetite whetter!!! I was completely sucked in and slightly obsessed from the moment Jett opened his mouth.

OMG talk about sexual tension Nina Levine ramps up the passion and intensity from the moment Presley and Jett touch and it just keeps building!!

Jett is my new book rock star favourite he's sexy, sweet but there's still an alpha undertone that made me swoon and bit hot under the collar!

Presley is brilliant she's super feisty and absolutely no nonsense. I love a strong female lead character and I can tell she is totally going to give Jett a run for his money!!

I love Jett and the rest of the band I’m sooo hoping that this is going to be a series and that West, hunter and Van all get their own books.

This is the first time in ages that I have engaged and invested in characters and a story so quick!

I can't wait for the next book I'm probably gonna have to stalk the author a bit and beg for an arc cause I need to know what happens next!!

I loved this novella 4.5 stars 


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