Sunday, 16 November 2014

***Review - Trust by Viola Rivard - Running With Alphas #1 - 3 Stars***

Trust by Viola Rivard
Running With Alphas #1
3 Not As Good As I'd Hoped Stars
Blurb - Just when she thinks her life can’t get any worse, Taylor meets alpha wolf Alder—the most caring, gallant, and handsome man on the planet. On the run from the police, there’s no way she could possibly get involved with him. But somehow she does anyway. 

Alder seems to be convinced that the two of them are going to live happily ever after in his mountain territory. But between looming pack wars, her dicey past, and his twin brother—the most obnoxious, sadistic, and handsome man on the planet—Taylor has a feeling that her new life among werewolves may be just as complicated as her human one.

Trust is book #1 in the Running With Alpha’s Series and the first book I have read by this author. I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review so here goes...

Trust running with alphas is the first supernatural book I have read in ages. I think I completely od'ed on vampires and werewolves but I thought I would give this one a go to ease myself back into the genre.

I'm gonna be honest and say I'm a little disappointed!

This book is weird; Taylor is on the run from the police for killing a guy but we never find out why or any background info on her at all.

Alder is almost childlike in his innocence and lack of understanding of the human world but he can drive a truck???? He seems almost split personality one minute he’s sweet not understanding her references then he goes into werewolf mode and he like a different person.

Once Alder takes Taylor back to his den (yes an actual cave!!) she is introduced to a world of shifters not just werewolves. He'll there's even a female shifter raccoon!!!

This had a Narnia vibe to it which is fab but if you then throw in some sex and a crude twin brother and that's where the sweet childhood memories of Aslan and the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve gets a bit messed up!!

There was definitely some chemistry between Alder and Taylor but I really didn't feel a life altering desire especially not on her part anyway.

This book just didn't really work for me sorry 3 stars