Monday, 29 December 2014

***Review - Out of the Blue by E.L. Irwin - 2 Stars***


Out of the Blue by E.L. Irwin

2 Far Too Sanctimonious For Me Stars

Blurb - KatyBeth Reilly, horse-trainer extraordinaire, is capable, responsible, and hard-working -- she hates backing down in a fight. When she meets -- completely by chance -- Hollywood heartthrob, Asher Fitzpatrick, she decides she wants nothing to with him. He's arrogant, self-assured, and seemingly very assured of her.
Asher doesn't like taking no for an answer -- he's determined to get to know Katy -- so he makes a couple of phone calls that set the stage for their second meeting.
When Katy comes face to face with Asher again, she knows she's going to need help this time -- not because she feels out-manoeuvred, but because for the first time in her life she knows she doesn't want to fight.

Out of the blue is the first book I have read by this author, I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review so here goes...

What to say about this book....

I'm not sure how to say this without sounding incredibly offensive...

The majority of people have some kind of faith or religion, in my opinion to each their own as long as they don't try to force their religious views at me and vice versa. Unfortunately as far as I'm concerned the religious aspect of this book was so in your face it overshadowed the rest of the plot!!!

I'm married and I think it's a worthwhile and amazing institution, I love my husband and I think our relationship has strengthened since we made our legally binding ties to each other.

Unfortunately this story felt like it was standing on a soapbox you must get married, you must wait to have sex until you get married!!! I'm not knocking anybody who believes this that's your choice but I personally have no real interest in reading about it!

This story had so much potential and I was honestly waiting for it to turn into an absolute smutfest, Alas that wasn't to be.

Ash and Katy could have had this amazing connection and passionate love but everytime they started to bond and interact it was completely overshadowed by the moral standpoint of the no sex part. Which was thrown at the reader ever ten seconds!!!

Yes I like a bit of smut in my book but I can also appreciate a good PG13 YA novel. There is absolutely no reason why characters can't have an intense and earth moving passionate connection without having sex. Example A the twilight books Bella and Edward hardly touch for the first book and this is literally so scorching hot girls and women alike were having wet dreams about the idea of a love just like them!!

And for me that's where this story completely missed the ball. There was no need to slam the anchors on everytime Asher and Katy got close because it could still have been incredibly sexy without them having to cross those moral barriers they put in place.

Ok I'm going to rant in a different direction now.... WTF was going on with Asher’s whole second profession???? 

That completely came out of nowhere and genuinely confused the hell out of me. He's famous how would that even work????

I'm sorry but this book just didn't work on any level for me it could have been great but it just wasn't sorry 2 stars!