Thursday, 4 December 2014

***Review - Tylers Undoing by L.P. Dover - Gloves Off #1 - 4 Stars***


Tyler’s Undoing by L.P. Dover
Gloves Off #1

4 Love A Sexy Man And This Book Is Full Of Them Stars

Blurb - She was what he wanted … but she was also his undoing.

Through mutual understanding, Tyler’s secret affair with Gabriella Reynolds has come to an end. It was a decision that not only saved their friendship, but it was one that would change Tyler Rushing’s life forever. 

For the past couple of years, Tyler was known as being one of the UFC’s most memorable and sexy heavyweight fighters. Now he has the chance to win the title and claim the fame he so deserves. Having all the women he wanted was the highlight of his days; at least until Kacey Andrews walked through the door of his gym. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her; there was an innocence about her that sparked his interest and he wasn’t going to give up until he had her. Little did he know that Kacey Andrews wasn’t a stranger … she was part of his world; he just didn’t know it. It was a secret she’d worked hard to keep hidden.

Kacey spent years trying to get away from the fighting world, away from the man who was hated among the MMA elite … her brother, Kyle Andrews. Unfortunately, she was brought back into it when Tyler’s relentless battle for her heart won her over, drawing her in. The only problem is that secrets never stay buried forever. In the end, Tyler will have a decision to make, and it’s one that could possibly destroy his and Kacey’s life … forever.

Tyler’s Undoing is book #1 in the Gloves Off series, I was lucky enough to be gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review so here goes....

I recently read A Fighters Desire which is two novellas in one and books #0.5 and #0.6 in this series, here’s a link to my review. These novellas are basically a short intro to the characters and the groups dynamic which could be complicated with so many characters.

I was sort of glad that Tyler’s Undoing didn’t see him chasing after Gabriella, don’t get me wrong I love her strong feisty character I just didn’t feel that her and Tyler were a HEA couple.

This book is called Tyler’s Undoing but as far as I can see this book was all about Kacey. But that’s ok cause I LOVE Kacey she’s such a warm and caring character that I instantly liked her and I felt a level of empathy for her. Apart from her very astute Nana she is in a shitty situation with a shitty family.

I would have loved to get a deeper insight into Tyler, I feel like we only skirted the surface of his character. Now I really liked what we saw but for me I focussed on the sexy, ripped Alpha guy rather than his personality lol.

This book is literally chocked full of Sexy Men whew im just a puddle on the floor lol!!

Tyler and Kacey have some serious sexual chemistry and the sex was actually smoking hot.
Kyle is a psycho I mean what the hell is actually wrong with him???? I do feel a little bit like 
Karma kind of had the last laugh, but then I feel mean because what happened is horrible!! I would actually love to read his book about him becoming a better person, with a little help from his soul mate obviously lol

I really enjoyed this book and guess what I’m just about to start book #2 Ryleys Revenge so watch this space for my review coming soon.

Tyler’s Undoing gets 4 stars from me.