Saturday, 6 December 2014

***Review - Unspoken by Lauren Hawkeye - Florence, Arizona #0.5 - 3 Stars***


Unspoken by Lauren Hawkeye
Florence, Arizona #0.5

3 Lots of Unanswered Questions Stars

Blurb - Once, Ellie Kendrick was the only thing that Dominic Gabriel wanted, until five years ago when she left abruptly. Now she’s back and her version of what happened between them so long ago makes him question everything he knows about himself as a man... and since he is now a lawman who lives by a strict moral code, he finds himself challenged to make things right.

He knows that they might have to look back in order to move forward... but can their rediscovered attraction survive the darkness of the past?

This is a category length story of 30 000 words. It is a prequel to the upcoming Untouched, but stands alone- no cliffhangers. 

Unspoken by Lauren Hawkeye is book #0.5 in the Florence, Arizona Series, I've been lucky enough to have been gifted a copy so here's my honest review....

This book is as super short prequel to Untouched book #1 in this series.

This story has us meeting Ellie a reformed bad girl returning to her hometown following the death of her grandmother.

I kinda liked Ellie she's trying so hard to prove to everyone including herself that's she no longer the same person she was when she last lived in the town. 

Poor Ellie has had a tough life and the things she has to explain to Gabe were just heartbreaking. I loved her smart mouth and abrasive attitude it’s refreshing for a female lead to be the aggressive angry one lol.

I'm not sure how I feel about Gabe, I appreciate that a lot of the circumstances were completely out of his control. But he is such a yes man and I prefer my men a lot more alpha and take charge!!!

God I wanted to slap Ed that bloke needs a reminder that he's an asshole!!! His attitude to Ellie even ten years down the line is atrocious!!!

This is a cute novella and the perfect intro to Untouched which I will be reading once I finish this review. But as far as I can see it left far too many questions wide open and unanswered!!

I needed to have some resolution!! Hopefully it will come in the next book!

3 stars from me.