Thursday, 29 May 2014

Scarred - Scarred #1 by J.S. Cooper - 3 STARS

Scarred by J.S. Cooper

Three slightly weird stars
Blurb – Everyone in Jonesville thought that Bryce Evans had the perfect life in High School: he was the Mayor's son, the quarterback for the football team, the boyfriend of the head cheerleader and had a 4.1 GPA. His acceptance to Notre Dame came as no surprise but when he chose to enlist in the army instead everyone was shocked.

Lexi Jones was the quiet girl in school and kept to her small group of eccentric friends. She had no connection to any of the popular kids except for one incident on Prom Night when her path crossed with Bryce's.

When Bryce enlisted Lexi was the only one that wasn't disappointed and decided to send him anonymous letters as a way to feel connected to him. She stopped after a year because she felt there was nowhere for their relationship to go.

Fast-forward four years and Bryce is back in Jonesville and once again he and Lexi cross paths. Only he's no longer the seemingly perfect man and Lexi's no longer the quiet girl.
This time their relationship is quite different but both of them have secrets from the past and friends that threaten to ruin their chance at happiness together.
Scarred is book #1 in The Scarred series by J S Cooper, I’m a massive fan of J.S. Coopers Forever Love series and when I came across this series I was super excited to get started.
Ok so my initial thoughts are OMG this book is weird!!
So the good bits...
·         Luke & Lexi have great banter, I love the chemistry that’s best friends but you can also see the spark of something else.
·         The fantasy that is your first love, no matter when you meet your soul mate you will always have that special place in your heart for your first real love.
And the not so good bits...
·         This book is a little strange
·         There are a lot of interconnecting relationships that’s a little confusing.
·         Events that happening in the past whilst Lexi & Bryce were at high school are referred to but never clarified. I appreciate that this is to keep the tension but it also makes it a little hard to follow.
Now this is weird for me but I don’t like Lexi & Bryce together, their relationship once they get together seems a bit odd.
To be honest this whole book feels like it could be one large dream sequence or a tripped out drug induced haze.
I’m not a fan of Lexi, she seems very immature and slightly self absorbed.
Bryce keeps referring to his doctor... not sure but get the impression he has PTSD possibly.
I really don’t like Anna she deliberately slept with her best friend’s crush/fella not cool!!
Lexi & Anna are very strange they are 23 yet live at home are both virgins who still lust over their high school crushes!!! Is it me or is that a bit odd.
Lexi & Bryce’s relationship feels a bit incestuous their parents had an affair that resulted in a child just seems like they are a bit related lol.
This whole book feels abit amateurish, because it’s only a novella an awful lot of information has been forced into too little words. It’s a bit like a soap opera everything happens at once.
Everything about Lexi & Bryce’s relationship feels a bit forced, they feel like they have this amazing connection because he saved her in high school, then they feel connected over the letters whilst he was in the army.
But for me them as a couple is a fantasy and doesn’t work in real life.