Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Seeking The Succubus by Emma Jaye - 2 STARS

Seeking The Succubus by Emma Jaye
two god feel slightly disturbed stars
  Blurb - For latent vampire Gwendolyn Jones, her role is clear. Keep the males of her clan satisfied, to prevent them seeking partners amongst the fragile humans, and exposing their diminishing species. It’s an essential function according to her clan leader, but contempt from the fertile females and many of her ‘clients’ makes her yearn for life where she’s considered more than a sex toy.
A part time job in a souvenir shop seems like an ideal compromise, until the overwhelmingly sexy chef next door turns out not only to be a rogue latent, but one with a deluded fantasy that Gwen isn’t a vampire at all, but a succubus he’s been seeking across the globe for years.
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review so here goes....
I’m honestly not sure if I liked this book, it has a whole host of issues inside that have been wrapped up in a vampire package that will hopefully make them more acceptable.
I’m not sure it does.
The good bits....
·         Gwen/Josie she is in a horrible position although she does love all the sex she is still essentially a prisoner. I feel for her and definitely engaged with her character.
·         Lucas, when he was first introduced I thought he would save her and I liked his F YOU attitude but I’m not so sure anymore
The Bad bits......
·         So much about this book is unacceptable I’m not really sure where to start.
·         Gwen/Josie was kidnapped as a 2yr old. She was then kept captive until she was 15yrs old (not legal!!!) then essentially put to work as a sex slave. Feels a lot like sex trafficking to me!!!
·         She is abused by Alec which Blair, who in theory actually cares about her, knows about but does nothing to stop it. WTF!!!
·         She is treated like a prostitute but brainwashed into thinking it’s her duty!!!
·         There is a rape scene and also rape scenario sex but this is never addressed as wrong or unacceptable just brushed aside!!!
So much of this book leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth.
Now I’m not a prude I like my girl smut as much as the next person. But I didn’t find this book titivating as much as cringing in discomfort.
To be honest if this book wasn’t wrapped up in the vampire sugar coating it would most definitely be classed as a tragedy.
The author sent me the other two books in the series too, but I’m not sure I can or want to read them. At some points in this one if I hadn’t felt obliged to finish it so I could review I may have put it in my DNF pile.
I feel so incredibly sorry for Gwen/Josie and as the book finished with her crying at the state of her life was just heartbreaking.
I need someone to save her, I’m not sure that person is Lucas but I’m hoping he is just playing the game as part of his plan to get her free.
I’m hoping Ulrich will stand up and help her, I get the sense he is a good person.
God I just hope someone helps her!!!