Saturday, 14 June 2014

Aftershock - Book # 2 in the Afterburn & Aftershock Series by Sylvia Day - 3 STARS

Aftershock by Sylvia Day
Blurb - When it came to playing games, my lover Jax was a master strategist. He pulled strings behind the closed doors of D.C.’s most powerful political players, and somehow still found time to nearly sideline my career. What he didn’t know was that when I didn’t like the rules, I threw them out and made my own. I wasn’t going to let Jax get away with it. I wasn’t going to let him get away at all.

I loved Jax enough that it was impossible to give up. Jax loved me enough that giving up was the only end he’d consider. He didn’t think I could swim with the sharks. It was entirely my pleasure to show him that I’d already dived in…
Three could have been better stars
Aftershock is book #2 in the Afterburn & Aftershock Series, there seems to have been ages since I read Afterburn and the release of Aftershock. I will hold my hands up and say I had completely forgotten what happened in the first book and I had to do a quick reread so I would have a clue what was going on in the second book.
So the good bits...
·         I liked Gia she had spunk, I much prefer her to the younger softer version.
·         I loved the family dynamics in the Rossi’s.
And the bad bits...
·         I struggle with Jax I’m not sure I like him.
·         Not loving the ending bit anticlimactic
I’m not sure how I feel about this book, in parts I loved it and in parts not so much.
I liked Gia and how she handles Jax in this book she has hardened and definitely become stronger.
I liked Jax & Gia together I feel like they complimented each other well. There were moments when they were together that the chemistry was palpable and I felt the sparks.
But for as much as they lusted after each other I never felt the all consuming love that they were supposed to feel for each other.
I’m not sure that I particularly like Jax, I don’t feel like we got to know him very well and what we did find out about him I didn’t really like.
Jax’s father Parker was really villanized in this book but to be honest I didn’t find him that bad, I mean yes he has political aspirations and will do whatever it takes to get there. But really what did he do that is so bad, and after all Jax is equally as manipulative as his dad!!
I loved Gia’s family I would definitely be interested in reading about her brothers finding love.
I hated the end Gia almost causes a scandal about the Rutledge’s she sorts it out by blackmailing the journalist but then Jax goes awol and comes back saying he has quit politics and wants to settle down and have kids I mean WTF!!!
There was this great build up to something happened and then it just went wah wah waaaaa.
Personally I would have preferred Afterburn & Aftershock to have just been one full novel instead of two novellas, I kind of feel like having two books was just a way of making the reader pay twice.
Overall I love Sylvia Day stories but this one wasn’t one of my favourites.