Saturday, 28 June 2014

Beautiful Ties - Book #4 in the Beautiful Series by Alicia Rae - 3 STARS!

Beautiful Ties by Alicia Rae
Blurb - While watching her brothers find their happily ever afters, Abbey dreams of falling in love. Smart, fun, and sexy, Abbey is

Three warm fuzzy stars
also independent and works hard alongside her brother, Kyle. When Kyle joins his business ventures with his wife’s cousins, Jason and Damon, Abbey struggles with keeping things professional.

Jason is instantly enamoured with Abbey, and he becomes determined to win her over. Although she does not want to mix business with pleasure, he works his way into her heart with his good looks and sweet charm.

All the while, Abbey begins building a friendship with a lonely neighbourhood child, Pearl. Abbey’s heart warms to Pearl, and their friendship quickly blossoms into a loving relationship.

Can Abbey find a way to balance her growing feelings for Jason with her need to take care of Pearl? Or will Abbey need to sacrifice one relationship for the sake of the other?

Beautiful Ties is book # 4 in the Beautiful Series and is the first book about Abbey & Jason.
This book is really nice, its warm fuzzy and a lot like a hot chocolate on a cold day, heart warming and comforting.
Ok so the good bits...
·         Jason & Abbey are a seriously cute couple.
·         Jason rides a Harley!!
·         Pearl is a real cutie.
And the not so good bits...
·         This book is almost too nice!!!
Now don’t get me wrong I enjoyed this book but it was missing something for me. It’s a lovely story about two lovely people falling in love and then becoming a family with a child who is desperate for a family.
Seriously what’s not to like, well nothing in theory but for me some adversity makes a love story all the more sweet, for me that’s what this book lacks.
Jason & Abbey meet and get together and fall in love and that’s lovely, it all happens very quick like a matter of weeks quick lol.
I love Pearl she’s the saving grace for this book for me, she seems like the brightest and most articulate seven yr old in the world but I still love her and the way she seems to draw people to her.
This is the perfect easy Sunday afternoon read; it’s warm and fuzzy and would go perfect with a glass of wine. It is an easy read when you are looking for an old fashioned romance novel.