Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Breaking Alexandria by K.A. Robinson - 3 STARS

Breaking Alexandria by K.A Robinson

Three Just Ok Stars
Blurb - Alexandria’s drug-dealing boyfriend, Joel, isn’t exactly the white knight she’s always dreamed of, but she can’t deny the crazy connection they have. She would do anything for him, including helping him sell drugs in order to fit perfectly into his world.

After catching Alexandria dealing for Joel, instead of turning her into the cops, Alexandria’s mother forces her to move to her grandparents’ farm in West Virginia. Spending the summer in the country, away from Joel, is the last thing Alexandria wants to do. But lucky for her, the sexy farmhand, Landon, who helps out around her grandparents’ place, is a very nice distraction. She tries her best to ignore her attraction to him, especially since she still loves Joel.

When Joel does the unforgivable, Alexandria turns to her new friend, Landon, for comfort, and it ignites an undeniable spark of attraction between them. Soon, she finds herself caught between two very different men, and the struggles within her heart just might end up breaking Alexandria
Breaking Alexandria is a standalone novel by K.A. Robinson; I’ve read a few other books by this author and have really enjoyed them.
Now don’t get me wrong I enjoyed this book but it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.
So the good bits....
·         Landon, such a cute, sweet guy all wrapped up in cowboy coating, yum!
·         Joel, I actually thought he was lovely.
And the not so good bits...
·         Alexandria, she just wasn’t a very convincing badass for me.
I have a few issues with this book, obviously your boyfriend being a drug dealer sooo not cool, but Joel as a person seemed lovely. He was obviously in love with Lexi and apart from his dubious profession he looked to adore, care and protect her.
Lexi, I just didn’t like her, I struggled to engage with her character. I know that she is ultimately a seventeen yr old girl but I felt like her whole persona was a little girl playing dress up.
I really didn’t appreciate the meltdown she had when Joel died, I understand that she was upset and grieving but to basically shut down, just felt a bit like a teenage strop.
Now Lexi & Landon I thought were a sweet couple, you could feel how attracted Landon was to Lexi and I just thought he was lovely.
For me the moment Lexi got sent to the farm this book became a completely different story, it became a sweet sensitive coming of age story not exactly what I was expecting but cute nevertheless.
This book was just ok for me it sort of lacked identity which is ironic considering that’s kind of what the book is about lol.