Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Loving Her - Book #9 in the Mitchell Family Series by Jennifer Foor - 4 STARS!

Loving Her by Jennifer Foor
Four End of an Era Stars
Blurb - Tyler Mitchell has been called many things, but his favourite title will always be "Dad".
Isabella (Izzy) was the reason he changed his ways and learned to be the man that he's become.
For eleven years he and Miranda have lived with a lie; the kind that could destroy the bond between him and the child that he's always claimed to be his own.
An accidental encounter causes a curious young girl to question everything she knows. When she discovers how big the lie is, everything changes for this once picture perfect family.
Ty and Miranda are faced with the repercussions that not only could alter their own relationship, but the future of their family as a whole.
Can Ty and Miranda show Isabella that family is more than just blood?
Find out what one couple is willing to do for the people they love, in the 9th book of The Mitchell Family Series.
Loving Her is book #9 in the Mitchell Family series and is the last one in this series; find the full reading order for the series Here. However there is a new spinoff series called The Mitchell/Healey Family, this follows the lives of the kids from the Mitchell series all grown up, that has just kicked off with first book Noah being released and currently sitting in my TBR pile.
As you may have guessed I’m a massive fan of this series, it follows the trials and tribulations of the Mitchell and Healey families.
So the good bits....
·         Ty, he is by far my favourite character in this series he’s hilarious!!
·         The twins are brilliant I loved them. (especially them peeing on each other then laughing lol)
·         I want a family as close knit and supportive as this one.
And the not so good bits...
·         This book started a bit stiff and formal, I’m used to these books being friendly and inviting from the first words.
·         It’s the last one in the series!!!
Ok so I really like this series, it’s definitely a family event and even when the book focuses on one family or couple you still get to see and hear from everyone else.
I love Ty & Miranda they are so in love with each other and even after all the crap they have been through you can feel the love and devotion that pours out of them.
Izzy, I think everyone who has read the series knew that sooner or later Izzy was going to find out that Ty was not her biological father. But god I felt for poor Ty she was a total brat, Jennifer Foor nailed it when she wrote Ty’s total and utter desolation at his relationship with Izzy breaking down.
My only slight criticism is how similar Izzy’s reaction was to Noah’s in Blinding Trust book #7. Now I know that it is a different situation in that Izzy had no idea that Ty wasn’t her biological father but it felt abit samey to me.
I love that Ty & Miranda are still horny as ever, the scene with the attempted anal sex had me literally LOLing.
The comedy elements of this book are what makes reading book #9 feel like coming home, I feel like I know these characters and they feel real. I love that Ty & Miranda have silly sexual calamities it makes the rest of us feel normal lol.
Ty is a flipping comedy genius every stupid thing he says and does is hilarious!!
I was so gutted when I found out that this would be the last book in this series so I have been sitting on it in my ereader and I will admit I have put off reading it. When I realised that the spin off series The Mitchell/Healey Family was coming out which follows the lives of the kids from the Mitchell Family series I was over the moon and felt ready to read this book.
I know it sounds daft but I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the characters and now I don’t have to lol.
Overall I loved this book it was the perfect ending to a brilliant series and I cannot wait to get started on Noah now.