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***Blog Tour - Tempting Tatum by Kaylee Ryan - 4.5 Stars!!! ****

Tempting Tatum by Kaylee Ryan
Is the new standalone novel by the brilliant Kaylee Ryan its out NOW!! I gave it 4.5 Stars!! my full review is below 
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Title: Tempting Tatum
Author: Kaylee Ryan
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 7, 2014
What do you do when your whole life crashes and burns? How do you get through the flames?

Tatum Thompson is living the dream. Her life is perfect; with a loving boyfriend, loving parents and a soon to be college graduate how can life get better? Life is good until it isn't. When tragedy strikes Tatum runs to Josh only to find him in a compromising position with someone else. Turning away from the only life she knew, Tatum is forced to alter her life plan.

Blaise Richards is a tattoo artist who moonlights as a volunteer fire fighter. Lies and deception leave his broken heart closed until the beautiful green eyed girl casts her spell over him. She’s making him feel things he’s never felt. Making him want things he thought he would never want.

Tatum wants Mr. just for tonight.

Blaise wants Tatum to be his forever.

Can Mr. Just for tonight convince Tatum that she’s the one? How long can Tatum resist Blaise’s determination to make her his?
Heres My Review
Tempting Tatum is the new standalone novel by Kaylee Ryan and I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review so here goes...
Ok so the good bits...
·         Blaise, holy hotness he’s a sweet lovely guy who also happens to be a fireman and covered in tats phewww!!
·         What a lovely group of characters they are like the Walton’s (in a good way!!)
·         Tatum, the poor girl has had a horrible 6 months but I still loved her.
·         Leah & Brent, they are officially the best friends in the world!!
And the not so good bits...
·         I wanted Blaise to be a bit more Alpha if he had he would literally been the perfect guy!
Ok so I loved this book it’s a feel good romance that will leave you with a serious case of the warm and fuzzies!
I loved Blaise, talk about love at first sight he fell hook, line and sinker. I have to say in some parts he was almost too sweet and I needed him to man up a bit, but who cares he fell for Tatum and then he wooed her until she fell for him too.
Poor Tatum she lost her parents and found out her boyfriend was cheating on her in the same day, I definitely empathised with her character and I wanted her to be ok and move on.
I loved that once she moved and met Blaise she basically got an adopted family in his mom, dad and siblings. It’s nice to imagine that there are people out there who are just that lovely like the Richards family in this book.
This book had a definite Walton’s feel to it, Blaise and his family were very close and once Tatum, Leah & Brent became part of the group they were all involved in everything and became very close knit very quickly. I loved the family feel, and I love a good ensemble cast book.
I have to say though Blaise, Asher & Ember as the names of the children of a firefighter is the cheesiest thing I’ve read it years lol!!!
I feel like I need to say again that Blaise was absolutely adorable, he literally worshiped the ground Tatum walked on. He never played games or was back and forth about his feelings and that is such a refreshing thing in a book. I love the fact that he wanted to care and protect her and he was content to wait until she felt the same before anything happened between them.
This book is absolutely sickeningly sweet and I read the whole thing with a big ass cheesy grin on my face. I cried like an idiot at the end just stupid ‘it’s so lovely’ tears; this is the perfect feel good read.
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Tempting Tatum Cover
Tatum POV   Blaise has stepped up his seduction tactics. He’s constantly touching me, giving me sweet gentle kisses. His attention has me on fire. I’m ready to take him to the nearest storage closet or bathroom and take full advantage of what he’s offering. He’s marking his claim for the night, and really, he doesn’t need to. I plan to allow him to seduce me. My earlier thoughts coming to mind. I know I shouldn’t since he is Ember’s brother, but I want him. I want to know what it feels like to feel his weight on top of me. To be able to trace his ink with my tongue. I can no longer resist his charms, or seduction techniques, whatever you want to call it. I just don’t want to resists him any longer. I want one night with him. One night of passion and no thoughts of what I lost. I just want him. With that thought, I relax against him. Blaise releases my hand and slips his arm around my waist to hold me against him. I need a drink!  
About The Author
Kaylee Ryan has had a passion for reading since she was a little girl. That passion has slowly led to spinning romantic tales, and a one-click addiction. When she doesn’t have her nose stuck in her kindle or fingers glued to the keyboard, you can find Kaylee hanging out with friends and family. She loves all genres of music, and enjoys scrapbooking. She lives in Ohio with her husband (her real life happily ever after) and their rambunctious little boy.