Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Finding Us by S.K. Hartley - Bad Boy #3 - 4.5 Stars!!!

Finding Us by S.K. Hartley
4.5 Brillantly Unexpected Stars
Blurb - I'm loud, I'm proud, and I like to bust balls in my spare time.
At least, that's what Low Parker would do. But she is just a mask, one I have perfected over years of running.

I am Willow Knoxx. Master of deception, secrets, and lies.

I am the girl your mother told you to stay away from, and the girl your father fantasized about. I have been running for years, always looking over my shoulder.

Now, the mask I have perfected is about to disappear, and everything I have done to keep myself hidden is about to be revealed.
Finding Us is book #3 in the Bad Boy series; my reviews for book #1 Finding You & book #2 Finding Me are available Here.
The good bits...
·         Low is deep, gritty and just a brilliant character.
·         Tate is a steadfast tower of strength.
·         Ace is just wonderful I need his book now.
And the not so good bits...
·         I read this book far too quick.
I enjoyed the first two books in this series but Finding Us is on a completely different level!!
I loved this book it was completely unexpected!!! I honestly had no idea that anything that happened in this book was going to happen it was BRILLIANT!!!
Low aka Willow was deep and dark and mesmerizing it’s rare that I engage fully with a female lead but something about Low really resonated with me.
I knew there was something going on with Ace but I had no idea that it would be this!!! Please, Please, Please say that he is going to get his own book I literally am dying to know what happens next.
The flipping Mafia I mean I would never have guessed that was her secret in a million years!!
And Ace is in on it too, now we knew that his was a kick ass fighter but I LOVED the fact that both he and Low are trained killers WTF!!!
Tate is actually in the background for the majority of this book but he’s still a very powerful presence and the love and desire he feels for Low is palpable in everything he does.
S.K. Hartley has written so many twists and turns into this story that at any given moment literally anything could happen!!!
My heart broke for Low every time she put a paper heart into that Jar, and then when Tate gives her his heart I actually almost cried!!!
I love the way the author changes style when she’s writing Low to Willow and I love that Willow is actually a proper badass!!!!
This book was just a massive shock for me it kept me on the edge of my seat and completely enthralled.
I read this book in one go and simply couldn’t put it down it gets a brilliant 4.5 stars from me.