Friday, 8 August 2014

Everlasting Sin by J.S. Cooper - 3.5 Stars!

Everlasting Sin by J.S. Cooper
3.5 guilt ridden stars
Blurb - Hudson Blake
Tattooed. Hot. My best friend's
brother. Off-limits, except for that one night.

That One Night
Cannot be spoken of. Cannot be thought of. Cannot allow myself to daydream.

That I’m going to become someone. That he can see me as someone.

To love. To forget. To believe. To taste.

To make me forget my everlasting sin once and for all.
Everlasting Sin is a standalone novella by an author that I’m a massive fan of.
This book is a short nugget of angst and guilt intermingled with a dose of lust and love!!
Hudson is an incredibly tortured and self deprecating man he genuinely feels like he is the scum of the earth.
I liked Riley although I found her ridiculously innocent and naive.
It’s such a cute idea that they have been in love with each other since they were kids and even though in some cases they went years without seeing each other they never lost the intensity of their feelings for one another.
I have to say I wasn’t a Luke fan I think it was obvious that there was something going on; I found it frustrating that no one saw how manipulative Luke was and how he fuelled Hudson’s guilt.
To be completely honest I think Hudson was a bit of a dick for most of this story, for the way he treated Riley I’m not entirely sure he deserved her devotion.
Don’t get me wrong I was still waiting and hoping that he would pull his head out of his ass an realise that his guilt was misplaced lol!!
The underground fighting championship thing was intense; I mean a literal no rules match to the death is insane.
Channing was a proper dick, I actually hated him I wanted to reach in to the book and bitch slap him!!!
This novella is a short, intense, emotional rollercoaster of a story the sheer quantity of misplaced guilt was a bit much for me so I give it 3.5 stars!