Friday, 5 September 2014

Break Free by Amber Garza - 4.5 Stars!!

Break Free by Amber Garza

4.5 Dark and Moving Stars
Blurb - Jade Mathews is on the run. Running from an addiction that almost destroyed her, and a man who wants her dead. Kyler James is a writer, a recluse locked in a prison of his own making. When Jade and Kyler meet they find solace in one another and start to heal. Until Jade stumbles upon Kyler’s latest manuscript and is shocked to find that it is her story. One he couldn’t know. Jade fears she’s trusted the wrong person once again, and this time it may be her undoing. Is the past destined to destroy them, or will they finally break free?

Break Free is a standalone novel by an author I am a big fan of. Having read several of Amber Garza’s books I was very excited to have been gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review so here goes...

I like Amber Garza’s books, all of the ones I have read have all had something in common, they are light, cheerful love stories that I can guarantee will leave me with a big case of the warm and fuzzies.

Break Free is not at all what I was expecting!!!

If I were to describe the books I have read from this author like a person I would say that they were a perky cheerleader. Well Break Free would be an angry Goth lol!!!

This book is dark and gritty, it’s uncomfortable to read and yet it’s breathtakingly moving and harsh, simply put its brilliant!!

Jade is a hauntingly engaging character, I don’t think I can say I like her but I was completely absorbed by her story.

To say that this book was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster would be a serious understatement!! I felt Jade’s pain and sadness, I cringed as she had flashbacks to her awful abuse and I felt my heart clench as she started to allow Kyler to get close to her.

I think I always knew who was abusing her but I still gasped when she turned to ‘him’ and said “Hi Dad”.

Now Kyler, talk about geek chic lol something about him was sexy which is odd considering that his behaviour was not sexual at all.

It’s amazed me how emotive the relationship between Jade & Kyler is considering they have very little physical interaction they have. I never really felt a sexual spark between them what they feel for each other felt more like and enduring love.

This book is weird and it definitely won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I loved it. Jade & 
Kylers love story is a quiet one that lingers and quietly creeps across decades of fear and abuse at the hands of the men in Jades life.

When all is said and done I really fell for this book just brilliant 4.5 stars.