Saturday, 6 September 2014

Saxon by Chantal Fernando - 3.5 Stars

Saxon by Chantal Fernando

3.5 All for Saxon Stars
Blurb - Some men won’t take no for an answer.

And some women might find this flattering, being asked out over and over again by a man determined to have you. But not me.

Not that the man in question isn’t sexy as sin, funny as hell and charming as they get.

Because he is.

Sometimes you just can’t allow yourself to be interested in someone for other reasons, other variables.

This is one of those times.

Saxon Tate is my best friend’s ex-boyfriend.

He cheated on her.

He could possibly cheat again.

That's three strikes.

He’s out.

Saxon is the first book in what I’m hoping will be the Morning Alliance Series, I’m a massive fan of this author and have read several of her other books.

Because I’ve read some of Chantal Fernando’s books I already knew that Ryder was a character from her Resisting Love Series. I also knew that Reid Knox is a character from her Maybe Series!!

So basically Saxon is a bit of a spinoff from both of her other brilliant series and hell that definitely works for me lol.

Saxon, from what I remember of him in Ryder’s book he comes across as a complete douche. Thank god he’s had a personality transplant just in time for his very own book lol.

Ok so back to me LOVING Saxon, he’s bloody adorable and sexy as hell. I love an alpha man and when Saxon switches into caveman mode I will admit to fanning myself to help me calm down.

There is quite a lot of sex in this book, but nothing too filthy so your mom won’t be offended if you pass this book along once you have finished it lol.

Tee is hilarious she literally has no shame and no filter I LOVE her, she’s my favourite female character in all of Chantal Fernando’s books.

I really engaged with her character, she says what she thinks and feels and it’s obvious that she’s not playing games. I found her really easy to relate to and I really wanted her to find happiness.

My only criticism of this book was that there wasn’t any real drama; it was all just happy, happy.

Now obviously Tee & Saxon living happily ever after is a good thing, but I was waiting for something to happen and it never did. I’m sorry to say that I was a bit disappointed I love the grit that makes the love just that bit sweeter.

This is a nice book about lovely characters; it’s an easy, short read perfect for a holiday or just a warm and fuzzy night in. This book gets 3.5 stars from me.