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***Release Day Book Blast & Review - Stand Close Series by Sabrina Lacey - 4 Stars - Out Now***

***Release Day Book Blast and Review***
Stand Close series by Sabrina Lacey
Stand Close 1,2 &3
Out Now!!

4 Stars For 3 Hot Boys and Some Drama!
Book 1 - When "nobody" Rue Calliwell sees famous Jack Stone drunk and angry on her doorstep, she has no idea why he's there. "You'll be hearing from my lawyer," he mysteriously says on his exit, and with those words, her life changes. What would you do if you inherited fifty million dollars from a father you didn't know you had? What if you didn't want the money? Thrown into a life she's never dreamed of, Rue finds the whole world watching her every move---and who's watching closest? Rockstar Alec Gabriel and his best friend, her new brother... Jack Stone.

Book 2 - Rebelling against the pitfalls of her inheritance, Rue leaves town without telling her new brothers, Jack and Sean. But she’s not ready for what happens, and rescuing her just might make their best friend Alec fall deeper under her spell. She’s in over her head, and the water keeps rising with Jack pouring more in, every chance he gets.

Book 3 - There's only one thing Jack wants from Rue - her absence. But she just might surprise him and everyone else with what she plans to do next. There's more than one way to spend fifty million. With Alec very nearby making matters worse, Rue and Jack battle it out. Sean knows that in war, no one's the victor until everyone puts down the blade. But will his siblings learn... before it's too late?

The Stand close series is a three part novella series; these are the first books I have read by this author. I was given these books in exchange for an honest review so here goes.....

I read the three novellas in one book so for me this was just one continuous story.

This story is about Rue who finds out that she has miraculously inherited $50 million and with it she also gets two super famous, super rich brothers.

I liked Rue, at times she is incredibly naive but she's also strong and really funny I love the love/hate relationship she has with her brother Jack. 

Jack and Rue bicker and fight like cat and dog, they are bloody Hilarious you would think they are 10 not in their 20's lol.

Jack is the type of character that you love to hate, he's a rich brat which isn't exactly a redeeming quality but he is also enigmatic and I like him!

Sean is the eldest brother and is a bit of s sensitive soul and a real sweetie.

And now we come to Alec let’s just stop a minute to swoon!!! He's s sex God Rock star who will have you melting into a puddle.

The connection between him and Rue is electric and you can feel the sexual chemistry bouncing between them.

I did wonder if he was genuine or if he was just doing what Jack asked him to??
To be honest I still loved him and thought he was just adorable.

I could totally see Jack and Jenna get together they would make a fiery couple!!!

I did think this book could take a dip in a weird direction because at times there was almost chemistry between Jack and Rue. I did have a panic thinking oh god how can I write a review about incest lol!!!

Ok I’m not going to add a spoiler but I am going to say Jesus Sabrina Lacey I almost had a heart attack when everything happened I thought oh god this is it!!!

I really enjoyed this series, if you read each book separately then at times there would be some serious cliff-hangers but I loved how the three novellas blended together and I would recommend you read them as a complete anthology.

I enjoyed this book it had everything, romance, long lost siblings, shed loads of money and some edge of thee seat drama this series gets 4 stars from me!!

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I love real-life heroes, strong, flawed men and women, and Chocolate Malted Crunch ice cream. Sometimes in that order. If you're just now finding my books, pour a nice glass of wine, and enjoy the ride. (Mmmm…I like wine, too.)
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The elevator doors open to my left. My stomach jumps out the top of my head and splats on the ceiling as Jack and Sean Stone walk out, each with one hand in the pocket of their tailored slacks, mirroring each other, and both looking at me. Jack sneers, his jawline taut and his light green eyes cutting a path through my heart, which is pounding and stopping, and pounding some more. I gulp and move focus to his brother who’s only slightly less intimidating with softer, curious blue eyes, the same nose, sandy brown hair styled perfectly, and a slender, more graceful frame. I don’t say anything as they pass me to stop at the receptionist’s desk. Sean throws a glance over his shoulder, checking me out as Jack says, “Mary, you look gorgeous. Tell him we’re here, will you?”
She all but falls out of her chair for him. And gorgeous she is not, so instantly I find him charming and wish I were on the receiving end. Why does he hate me so much? It’s like I’ve killed his dog or something. Who are these people? And why do they want to see me?
Sean strolls over, holding out his hand. “I’m Sean. You must be Rue.”
I stand up and my dress hitches on my thigh, demanding a hasty fix. Blushing at my moment of gracelessness, I hold out my hand and shake his a little too firmly. “Yes, that’s me. Hi. I didn’t know you’d be here today. Either of you. I don’t know why I’m here either, actually. I don’t know what this is about. And I’m blabbering. It’s nice to meet you.”
Sean’s smile is polite, his eyes a little cold. “Nice to meet you, too.”
“My ass it is,” Jack mutters loudly.
The large oak door opens and a man appears. He’s ancient, with gray hair sprouting all over the place. His body is tiny, as are his hands. His smile says he’s seen it all, and he probably has. Even the invention of fire. “Ah, we’re all here. Come!” He turns and walks back inside his office, leaving me staring after him. Sean touches the small of my back in a comforting way. “After you.” I look up at him and nod, but my feet aren’t having it. “It’s okay,” Sean says.

Jack walks in, shaking his head at the whole situation. “Can you believe this?” 



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Sabrina Lacey

Holy CRAP! Best review ever. I'm glad I almost (but did not actually) give you a heart attack. Thank you for your very funny review... I hope you post it EVERYWHERE. Had me laughing. (do you write?)

Gemma Reads Too Much


I post all my reviews on my blog, fb page, twitter feed, goodreads & Amazon UK lol.

No I dont write other than my blog, ive always wanted to but never got round to it.

Gemma x

Sabrina Lacey

Well... you might want to! You write very entertainingly. Love it. Thank you so much for posting everywhere. I so appreciate your time. <3


Gemma Reads Too Much

Wow Sabrina thats so nice of you... well you never know lol. Please dont hesitate to contact me if you need a read and review :)