Thursday, 16 October 2014

***Review - Selective Memory by D.D. Lorenzo - The Depth of Emotion #2 - 4 Stars***


Selective Memory by D.D. Lorenzo
The Depth of Emotion #2 

4 Im Converted Stars
Blurb - Darkness Descended…

After tragedy claimed love as its victim, Declan and Aria struggle to move forward alone. They each have endured hurt and devastation inflicted and influenced by circumstance.

Rebuilding Slowly…

Aria’s inner strength is brought to the surface as she regains control of both her emotions and her body, but Declan’s supremacy over her heart is a consequence as a result of loving him so completely.

Blatant Trivialization…

As thoughts of Aria continue to haunt him, Declan attempts to minimize their effect on him using whatever means possible, no matter the effect on himself or its impact on his relationships.

An Agenda of Evil…

Revenge reigns supreme in Marisol’s agenda. Her satisfaction is found in the bitterness she cultivates as she grows in her contempt for Aria and her manipulations of Declan. Will she be successful in total annihilation of two people who have already suffered the crushing weight that sorrow and guilt can deliver?

Join Declan Sinclair and Aria Cole in “Selective/Memory”, Book Two in “The Depth of Emotion” series and witness the conclusion of their story. They will attempt to restructure their individual worlds, but fate continues to intervene by bringing them into the atmosphere of each other. Are they willing to bear love again? Will their emotions sustain the depths that their relationship exposed? Will their feelings for each other be strong enough to sustain a love that will last a lifetime?

Only Fate can Decide…

Selective memory is book # 2 in the Depth of Emotion Series by D.D. Lorenzo.

I read the first book in this series Positive Negativity and I will be honest I wasn't exactly a fan, I didn't post a full review but put a comment on Goodreads saying that I had found the book very frustrating and would complete the review at a later date when I had calmed down lol.

I was a little shocked and fairly scared when I was then contacted by DD to ask why I didn't like her book!!! As you can imagine I was very apprehensive about being too honest especially directly to the author.

On this occasion I really needn't have worried DD was the most gracious and lovely lady ever and was genuinely interesting in my opinion and criticisms.

She asked me to be brutally honest and I was lol, she then asked me if she gifted me a copy of the second book in the series if I would be prepared to read it as she would be genuinely interested in what I thought.

Well DD you were right I really did enjoy this second instalment!

Book #2 picks up a couple of months after the end of the first book, Aria and Declan have split up and Marisol is taking advantage of Declan's memory loss to try and worm her way into Declan's life.

Declan is a complete asshole for the first half of the book and although I disliked him I could completely understand his behaviour.

I like how strong Aria seems in this book she embraces her anger and I loved that she got all irate with Declan because hell that man needed a kick up the ass.

I do still have some issues about this book thought!!....., it's incredibly overly sentimental every emotion is written about, spoken about or discussed and it's simply a personal preference that I like to have a bit more aloofness about characters.

There's only one sex scene in this book but it is a hot one lol.

I have to say the absolute hands down best thing about this book is Marisol!!!!

DD you are an evil genius when it comes to a baddie!! Marisol is absolutely terrifying she's a delusional psychopath and I LOVE her. I found myself really looking forward to her characters POV's for me she was the shining star in this story and what really sets this book apart from other contemporary romance novels.

Selective Memory had me tense and on the edge of my seat, we all know something's going to happen but I honestly had no idea how the drama would manifest itself.

Personally I think Aria should have made Declan work abit harder but hey their in love lol.

This book has a HEA and it leads nicely into Carters book which will be book #3.

DD after book #1 I was a self confessed doubter, with book #2 Selective Memory you have converted me to a fan I'm looking forward to book 3 when it releases.

Selective Memory gets 4 stars from me!