Tuesday, 14 October 2014

***Review - Misconception by Morgan Black - Finnegan Brothers #1 - 4 Stars***

Misconception by Morgan Black
Finnegan Brothers #1
4 Cant Wait For The Next Book Stars

Blurb - The Finnegan brothers are bound to hurt any girl that gets between them. But that doesn't stop Lena. She loves pain with her pleasure. When things get too hot for her to handle, she does the only thing she can do to protect herself... she runs away. 

Three years later, Lena is back in town for her father's wedding. She prays she can avoid her past, hoping nobody remembers her parents’ messy divorce or how she disappeared. However, as soon as she arrives, she finds she can't run from her past anymore.

There's no escaping the Finnegan brothers. Not this time.

Misconception is book #1 in the Finnegan Brothers series; this is the first book I have read by this author. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review so here goes....

This is a novella length story which I wasn't aware of before I started reading.

This book starts with a bang quite literally lol, it throws you straight into a hot sex scene between Lena and Blake the youngest Finnegan brother.

This author writes no holds barred sex and it was dirty and seriously sexy.

I liked Lena but she does seem to have some issues and is quite immature for her age.

We don't really get to know either Blake or the older brother Slade that well but to be honest from what I know I'm totally team Slade so far!!

We get another taste of Morgan Black’s dirty mind with another smoking hot sex scene with the Finnegan boys.

The book flashes forward 4 years but throws Lena straight back into the Finnegan brother’s path and I can already tell this book is going to be filled with lust filled sexual tension.

My main criticism with this book is that it finished as soon as it really got started. 

I'm not a fan of novellas but this book acts as a taster of things to come in the next book and it's definitely whetted my appetite for book #2 Deception.

I genuinely have no idea how this book series is going to go so far there are 3 books already written and I get to read all of them so I will keep you posted.

This little bite of sexy goodness gets 4 can't wait to find out what happens next stars!!