Sunday, 26 October 2014

***Review - Out of the Darkness by Simone Nicole - The Darkness #2 - 5 Stars***


Out of the Darkness by Simone Nicole
The Darkness #2
Out Now!!!
5 Bloody Brilliant, Must Read Stars!

Blurb - She ruined me. 
The walls I’d built were for a reason; locking myself in my own personal prison was out of necessity. Now, with the rubble at my feet, I could do nothing but watch as she ripped my soul in two, taking the half she owned with her.

The need to settle down, to find that missing piece, for the all-consuming love, was never Drew’s plan. He’d spent the better part of a decade suppressing all memory of love, of life. He told himself he had the essentials: the impressive apartment, the successful club, the simple, uncomplicated life he’d worked so hard to create. It was all he needed. Until Mia. 

She entered his life like wildfire, burning through his world and destroying all pretence of simplicity, evoking everything he’d fought to deny. 

Longing. Warmth. Love.

She made him want it all, but Amelia lived in the darkness. It had always been her constant yet terrifying companion. A shadow she'd never been able to out run and one fateful night it finally consumed her, shattering both their worlds and burying them deeper in the dark. 

Drew will stop at nothing to save her, for their happy ever after, but Mia isn’t the only one with demons … It’s a long way out of the darkness.

Out of the Darkness is book #2 in The Darkness Series, I LOVED book #1 Ahead of the Darkness here is a link to my review.

I’m going to admit that I had some seriously high expectations of this book; Ahead of the Darkness was so good that I worried that Out of the Darkness just wouldn’t holdup the bar.

I needn’t have worried!!

Out of the Darkness is amazing it’s just so beautifully written that I instantly felt at home whilst reading it. I know that sounds like a daft thing to say but as I read I felt part of the conversation, I wasn’t just reading a book but living a story!!!

This book jumps straight back into Drew and Mia’s world and even thought for the first few chapters they don’t interact at all I still felt their connection and bond as strongly as ever.
I said after reading Ahead of the Darkness that it was intense and to be honest that feels like the perfect description for this book too!!

There was no starting slow with this book, the reader is thrown straight in at the deep end of the serious and even though I knew what happened I was still on the edge of my seat and completely engaged with the drama.

There were other characters in this book but being truthful I don’t really care about them lol.

This book is not all love and how wonderful it is, there are still harrowing and gut wrenching scenes of two people literally falling apart whilst still trying to save each other.

This series is the epitome of its name, there is so much darkness and the terrifying, painful things that lurk in the shadows waiting to hurt. What Simone Nicole has managed to do so brilliantly is to add a light in all that dark, but she did this without making the story a cliché happy, smiley cheesefest.

I adored the bond that Drew and Mia share, they are so wrapped up in each other that they only really live and breathe fully when the other is with them!! This isn’t a direct quote and I’m possibly add libing but there’s a scene where Mia is worried about needing Drew too much and is told that she is simply “borrowing his strength until she doesn’t need it anymore” call me a sap but I was tearing up!!

This book is such a wonderful love story, and it’s not the usual fictional I just realised I love you rubbish. It’s the endearing love that is regardless of looks and circumstances, it’s love because it’s just physically impossible not to love the other person.

I loved this book, I think that fairly obvious from the amount of gushing I’ve just done about it lol. This couple and this story really got to me it’s simply brilliant 5 stars!!