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***Release Blitz & Review - A Winter Wedding by Tracey Smith - The Devereaux Manor Mystery #2 - 5 Stars***

***Release Blitz & Review***

A Winter Wedding by Tracey Smith
The Devereaux Manor Mystery #2

Despite her dark past Kate Benson was looking forward to a very bright future. She was going to be a wedding planner and she was going to be the best. When a mysterious letter arrived offering her the opportunity to realize her dreams, it was too good to pass up. But Kate had no idea what was waiting for her at Devereaux Manor and nothing could prepare her for what she found. It had been five years since Aaron and Maggie left Devereaux Manor. Maggie hoped that returning for the wedding would give her the opportunity to get the answers she needed. But for Aaron, allowing Ms. Devereaux’s involvement in their lives again felt like making a deal with the devil. He was plagued with a growing fear that the day of reckoning was coming, the day when Ms. Devereaux’s true motives would come to light. Discover the secrets that lie within Devereaux Manor.

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My Review
5 Im Hooked Stars!

A Winter Wedding is book #2 in The Devereaux Manor Mystery Series, I was lucky enough to connect with Tracey Smith through a Goodreads group dedicated to helping authors find reviewers and visa, versa. Tracey gifted me a copy of book #1 in the series a Summer Romance and I loved it, here’s a link to my review. I think I pretty much harassed Tracey into agreeing to gift me a copy of the second book as soon as it was available so here’s my review....

The Plot Thickens!!!!

I honestly didn’t think that the mystery element of this book could become any better, oh how wrong I was. I likened the first book to a Scooby doo mystery and that’s still the perfect analogy as far as I’m concerned. The plot twists and turns at a rate of knots and I was literally on the edge of my seat. I’m desperate for the big reveal but it’s not coming in this book.  But who cares I’m loving dragging out this story I don’t want it to end!!

This is going to be such a difficult review to make spoiler free but I’m going to try really hard so apologies if at times it seems a bit vague.

I’m so glad that Kate was brought into the story; she’s a great character even if it did take me a while to figure out who she was.

I’m loving the fact that we are finding out more about Mrs Devereaux,  she’s still a massive enigma but I love the fact that I haven’t guessed who’s behind all of the intrigue.

The cast of characters has grown and I'm loving the introduction of Jason, Andi’s brother!!
But who was his wife and why does she look like Kate??? I’m convinced that’s important lol!!!

Maggie and Aaron are still smouldering hot and the sex is still sexy as hell!!

There’s so much in this book, there’s literally something for everyone!!

I normally hate it when a mystery book is left with so many unanswered questions, but this book and the series as a whole feels like an old school ‘Who Done It’ like a Poirot or Miss Marple.

The tension is really amped up in this book and poor Aaron is the firing line, the blokes invincible he just keeps bouncing back!!

OMG what a cliff hanger!! I’ve got so many ideas as to who’s involved but I could be completely wrong!!

Where the hell did Hero come from??? I do love him though he was totally sent there on purpose!!

I love Dylan for Andi I’m hoping their romance will come in book #3.

Overall I loved this book; it had me hook, line and sinker and up till 3am because I couldn’t put it down!!

Tracey I’m begging again can I please have an ARC of book #3 I NEED it lol

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant 5 stars from me!! 

Read Book #1 A Summer Romance

Maggie had her entire life planned out since the age of twelve, looks like the joke was on her. As all of her carefully laid plans begin to fall apart she jumps at the opportunity to get away and spend a carefree summer down south. When she arrives at Devereux Manor it all seems too good to be true. The home is beautiful, the town is inviting, and the sexy gardener promises to make this a summer she won't soon forget. However the more she learns about the elusive Ms. Devereaux she begins to realize that the conveniently placed ad in front of her dorm room may not have been the happy coincidence that it once seemed. Maggie isn't the only one who Ms. Devereaux has lured to the plantation, and Ms. Devereaux isn't the only one with secrets to hide.

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Author Bio

Tracey Smith grew up in Southern California, but as a teenager moved with her family to a small town in Arkansas. It was in Arkansas that she met and fell in love with the man of her dreams, who had also recently moved to the state. Fate brought them both to that small town and into each other’s lives and that is where they continue to live today raising their two children and living out their happily ever after