Tuesday, 6 January 2015

***Review - Owning Violet by Monica Murphy - The Fowler Sisters #1 - 3.5 Stars***


Owning Violet by Monica Murphy
The Fowler Sisters #1
3.5 Who Knew Violet Was A Wildcat Stars

Blurb - Violet Fowler has moved through life doing what's expected of her. The dutiful middle daughter, she's devoted herself to her family's business empire, Fleur Cosmetics, and the ambitious man who would one day run it with her. That is until the offer of a promotion exposes his disloyalty - and leaves her alone.
But another man is waiting for Violet. Wanting Violet. He has an overwhelming thirst for success. He's ruthless. And mysterious.
Violet knows nothing about Ryder McKay except the fact that he makes her feel things she's never experienced before. And soon she's willing to risk all to be with him - her heart, her soul...her everything.

Owning violet is book #1 in the Fowler sister’s series.

This is the first book I have read by this author, and I was lucky enough to be given a copy by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This book is a real slow starter and I didn't really settle into the story till about a third of the way through.

At the start of the book I really disliked Violet; she was repressed and snotty and generally a bit high and mighty. Zachary seemed like an absolute knobhead and I worried that this was going to be one of those books where Violet is taught to be assertive and confident by an overbearing Dom.

I’m pleased to say that's not what happened. Violet doesn't need to be taught to be a firecracker because she already is one. In literally the click of a finger Violet becomes an assertive little wildcat. I love her!!! She takes all the shit she gets from Zachary and Ryder and turns it into strength and confidence!

Ryder considering he is seriously Alpha, actually plays the more traditionally female role in this story. Don't get me wrong Ryder is not in the slightest effeminate, he's all man lol. But he's also vulnerable and unsure and basically in need to a good hug!!! 

I love that he claims Violet, it felt like a real turning point in the story. Until that point I honestly felt the Pilar would force him to do the dirty on Violet.

Pilar is creepy, I'm not sure how old her characters supposed to be but she feels like the creepy 50 something women whose desperate to reclaim her youth. She's kind of evil but in a pantomime villain kind of way.

I liked this book, it didn't grip me to the point where I stayed up half the night to read it but I would like to continue with the series.

Owning Violet gets 3.5 stars from me