Saturday, 3 May 2014

Eternal Eden Book 1 in The Eden Trilogy by Nicole Williams

Eternal Eden – Book 1 in the Eden Trilogy by Nicole Williams.
Blurb - College sophomore Bryn Dawson is a self-proclaimed poster child for normal. However, the day William Hayward enters her life, normalcy is the last thing Bryn will be able to count on if she wants to be with him. Too mysterious and appealing to be good for a girl, Bryn feels drawn to him in a way that seems out of her control—as if fate is orchestrating it.

Despite every red flag and warning siren going off in her head telling her not to, Bryn falls hard for William, knowing he’s categorically different from anyone she’s ever met. She never imagined how right she was. When William takes her deeper into the rabbit hole of his world, Bryn must decide just how much she is willing to sacrifice to be with him, knowing no matter what, fate always finds a way to have the last laugh.

Spinning a new twist on star-crossed lovers, Eternal Eden will put Bryn through a gauntlet of turmoil, challenging her to find the power within herself to become the heroine in her own story.
I love Nicole Williams’s books and having read The Crash series and the lost and found series I was really looking forward to getting my teeth into this new trilogy of hers I had found on Good reads. I read the blurb and thought this sounds ace, angsty and deep and I was expecting a college romance like the other books of hers I have read.
Unfortunately that’s not exactly what I got....... Eternal Eden starts as a YA college romance and then sort of mutates into a weird supernatural hybrid. Now I can appreciate a good supernatural series I mean show me a woman anywhere who doesn’t love a good vampire lol. BUT this book isn’t about vampires to be honest I’m not exactly sure what they are.
The good bits.....
·         The love at first sight between Bryn and William, eternal love is a theme I can always get on board with.
·         I am intrigued about the immortals created to both protect earth (Eden) and the human who live here.
·         Patrick is fab sarcastic and full of cocky confidence.
The bad bits......
·         Pretty much everything else.
I feel a bit ripped off by this book I wasn’t expecting a supernatural book and I didn’t want this to be a supernatural book and unfortunately I think it has tainted my enjoyment of the book.
The premise of William being an immortal who’s undercover with the enemy clan so to speak was weird, as were the rules of being immortal..... Don’t interact with mortals; don’t create lasting relationships with other immortals????
I liked Bryn but considering she is in love with William and is immortal it feels like she is constantly finding reasons to leave him. To me this was annoying at best and felt like a betrayal of William at its worst, sometimes loving someone isn’t about sacrificing it’s about being stronger together.
The Townsend Manor where Johns allegiance lives is opulent and sounded like a set from the godfather or some other mafia film and John was equally evil and creepy and to be honest made my skin crawl just as he was supposed to.
But I hated Williams’s family they were just weird they were like some Walton’s throw backs and the instant hate from Nathanial and Abigail is never explained......
For quite a long book I’m not sure I understand the plot anymore at the end of the book than I did at the beginning and although know this is book 1 of 3 I’m just not inspired to read the next two books!!!
Several times in the book balance is mentioned that the inheritors (who protect earth aka Eden by controlling the population etc by sacrificing mortals) and the Guardians (whose job it is to protect the mortals) create a balance e.g. light and dark, good and evil but at the end of the book we are told by Williams dad that William and Bryn will never be allowed to be together because he is a giver (someone who can create an immortal) and she is a taker (someone who can kill immortals) hmmmm let me think what is the opposite of life..... Oh yeah death so to me that would create balance?????? But apparently not even 260 years of immortality can make you see what is in front of your face!!!
This is just unheard of for me if I start a series out of principle I have to finish it but with this series I just don’t care what’s going to happen to them L
For me this book feels like it was created in the post twilight era where everyone was jumping on the supernatural bandwagon and sorry but I’m not feeling it.