Saturday, 24 May 2014

Let it Go by Amanda Hough - 4.5 STARS!!

Let it Go by Amanda Hough
4.5 Amazeball stars
Blurb - Evelyn Snow is a successful nurse. She has loyal friends, lives in a great city and has fabulous taste. She doesn't need a man to make life complete, but one to warm her bed would be welcome. But the entrance exam to get her between the sheets has left a string of wannabe suitors failing to make the grade.

Sergey Mikhailov is a dedicated officer of the law. A police lieutenant in Austin Texas. From the moment he met Evie Snow he knew he wanted her. But work pulls him from her time and time again.
What happens when two hearts connect but the minds won't let go?
Let It Go is about falling in love in spite of all the reasons not to. It's never too late to just let go and love.
I was offered this book in exchange for an honest review so here goes....
In fact I loved it so much I read it in one go and then emailed the author at 2 o’clock in the morning begging her to send me a copy of the next book lol.
Ok so the best bits.....
·         Sergey, can I have one please? He’s Russian, alpha and in my imagination he’s a blonde Adonis.
·         Evelyn, this girl eats when she‘s sad or stressed!!!  Like a real person, she is sassy and normal. I liked her and found I could completely relate to her.
And the not so fab bits....
·         Argghhh the book just stopped there was no real ending, it stopped right in the middle of the action (so frustrating that I emailed the author at 2am lol)
I love reading and reviewing books, I love it when authors offer me them for free! Unfortunately I then feel awful when I am honest with my opinion especially when my honesty is not exactly complimentary.
But I am very pleased to honestly say this book is AMAZEBALLS!!!
There is a brilliant undercurrent of mystery about Eric’s death and the mysterious box that runs through this book. I love the fact that I’m as drawn to find out what the box is and who’s involved as much as I am to the love story.
And it’s definitely a love story, Sergey just barges past all of Evelyn’s issues. I love the fact that he’s alpha, because deep down we all want a man to look after us, even if it’s just feeling protected. Sergey is the type of character that even when he’s being domineering he still makes you feel warm and fuzzy.
OMG Dragan & Toni, god I could feel the chemistry just oozing out of the pages, I can’t wait for the next book.
Sergey just officially jumped into my list of favourite book boys, he’s so sweet to Evelyn and then he orders her around and you can actually feel the sexual chemistry between them. The sex scenes are not particularly explicit, but they are sexy as hell and enough to have you squirming in your seat.
Fangirl moment again I loved this book and I’m literally on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book.