Saturday, 24 May 2014

Three Months and Your Mine - Book #5 In the In too Deep Series by Casey McMillin - 4 STARS

Three Months and Your Mine by Casey Mcmillin.

four perfect beach read stars
Blurb - Meredith Blake had a plan. She was moving to Los Angeles to make it in show business and thought she needed someone to teach her the ways of seduction to help her achieve that goal. Even though she had already chosen her teacher, there was a problem. The guy was her big brother's best friend and he knew better than to have casual sex with her.

Zack Larson, US Olympic swimmer and all-around good guy, was too smart to go messing around with his best friend's little sister. He wasn't opposed to one night stands, but it was an unspoken rule that little sisters were off limits. She was four years younger than him and he'd always thought of her as a kid. Plus, as the hot one on the swim team, he had too many girls on his plate already.
Meredith knew her plan was fool-proof and was prepared to stop at nothing to convince Zack to help her out. He agreed under one condition, that they wait three months before sealing the deal. He assumed she would forget about it by then, but that just showed how little he knew about Meredith and the feelings he'd have for her.
Three Months and Your Mine is the fifth and final book in the In Too Deep Series by Casey McMillin.
I have read and loved the previous four books and this book has perfectly completed the series for me.
So the good bits...
·         Meredith is a virgin buts she’s not one of those pathetic shy girls, who can’t or don’t know how to get a guy. She loses interest before doing the deed lol she is a brilliant and sassy character I loved her.
·         Zack... Ummmm a hunk-a-chunk of lovely man. He’s soooo sweet and although he would say he’s a player I just wanted to give him a hug (and stroke his abs lol)
And the bad bits....
·         This is the last book in the series L I’m gutted; I love this group of friends and could definitely see Caleb having his own book.
This book is cute and sweet and romantic. I read it in one go as its only short, but on this occasion good things do come in small packages.
I have read a lot of drama ridden angsty romances of late so this was a nice alternative. If you’re going to the beach or want a lovely Sunday afternoon book pick this!!!
The setup of Meredith asking Zack to teach her about sex is a bit odd, but I kind of glossed over the silly bits and focussed on the cute love story.
This is not your typical instalove story, in fact until the end there really felt like there was an ‘only friends’ vibe to Zack & Meredith’s chemistry. I found this so refreshing, a romance book that allowed the characters to get to know each other before jumping into bed together.
There’s nothing new or ground breaking about this story. But what Casey McMillin does and does well is classic romance, pure, simple and perfectly formed.