Monday, 26 May 2014

Unfinished By Shae Scott - 2 STARS

                                                                                 Unfinished by Shae Scott
two I hate Owen stars
Blurb - Sometimes life begins with a second chance.

On graduation night, Ally Montgomery walked away from her best friend, Owen. One night changed them forever. One night, one decision to cross the line of friendship, one decision to walk away.

She never forgot him.

Ten years later, Owen finds her.
And this time, they're not letting anything go unfinished.
I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review so here goes......
This book started so well all warm and fuzzy with Owen and Ally meeting in high school, and creating a best friend relationship. Owen is a cute high school boy who’s trying not to end up like his dad.
The books premise of Owen and Ally reconnecting through facebook is genius in this age of social media. It’s an idea that is so easy to relate to because I bet we have all made friends with random people we went to high school with.
I do have some issues with this book and they all start when we are reintroduced to grown up Owen.
Ok so the good bits....
·         I love high school Owen he’s sweet and strong and very protective of Ally.
·         I love the idea of getting together with your high school crush.
And the not so good bits....
·         I HATE grown up Owen he is an asshole!!!
·         Did I mention how much I HATE grown up Owen?
So I’m gonna have to rant for a bit now....
Hate is a strong word but I honestly really hate adult Owen, the guy is a selfish, manipulative asshole!!
I feel like he completely strings Ally along and uses her, she frustrated the hell out of me too. Being innocent and easily led is acceptable at high school age but as a woman in her last twenties I feel like she should have been able to see through Owens’s bullcrap!!!
I hated everything about Owen and Abby’s relationship; He leads her on, is constantly messaging her and calling her. But he waits months to tell her he’s in this pseudo relationship with this bosses daughter.
Now as far as I can see this should have been Ally’s moment to  cut and run from Owen but NO she accepts all of the lies and rubbish he spouts and gets completely taken under by his manipulations WTF!!!
I really tried to like Owen, I wanted to put all of his selfish ideals down to an absentee dad but I couldn’t. I couldn’t find one redeeming quality about his character!!!!
Ally is almost as bad she accepts everything he says and basically allows herself to be treated like a doormat just to have some kind of relationship. I needed her to be stronger, to have enough self esteem to stand up for herself and say getting the dregs of a relationship isn’t enough.
The sex scenes were disappointing and repetitive, it basically felt like the exact same event down to the order things were done and the same exact wording to describe it. Even when Owen is doing her against a door i didn’t even feel a spark of real lust.
It comes to something when I prefer the high school almost sex scene, this felt more organic and I felt the desire and passion between the characters.
As bad as all of the above is I could have probably overlook most of it if Ally and Owen had been violently, passionately in love but I never felt it.
Perhaps they are in love but as a reader I didn’t feel it!!! There was no heat in their interactions and no passion in their sex scenes.
To be honest when Ally & Owen fell out and Ally met Austin I actually got really excited and thought the author was going to take the book in a massive twist and have Ally fall in love with Austin.
As daft as it seems I actually prefer Austin, I imagine him better looking than Owen and his behaviour on his date with Ally was so adorable, he wanted to spoil Ally and protect her!!
This book ends on a horrible point too, Ally & Owen have argued and he leaves the epilogue sees Owen six months on plotting to get Ally back. I’m assuming the author is planning on releasing a second book, but I really wish she wouldn’t. Please, Please let Ally move on and forget Owen she could do so much better and even though these are fictional characters I really hope Ally doesn’t get back together with Owen.
I have had a really strong reaction to this book and really I suppose as an author that’s a good thing. Unfortunately on this occasion the intense emotion I am feeling is extreme dislike sorryL.