Sunday, 1 June 2014

A is for Alpha Male by Lauren Ulen Curtis - 4.5 STARS!

A is for Alpha Male by Lauren Ulen Curtis

Four & A Half Hilarious Stars!
Blurb - I’m Haley Whitfield, and I recently had the ingenious idea to enlist my mother, Allison, as my kick*ss sidekick and set out on a road trip.

This road trip wasn’t to be just any road trip, but a very special one indeed. An adventure with an acutely specific purpose-- to find our other halves. The peanut butter to our jelly. The i to our Phone. The stripper to our pole.

If our romantic desires were a personal ad, they would read something like this.

** Two sassy women (Ages twenty-seven and forty-nine respectively--
Ouch. Okay, ages twenty-seven and thirty--with nineteen years experience-- respectively) seeking Alpha Males to love us with zeal and kiss us with skill. Gorgeous face and sexy, tattooed, hard body a must. If you aren’t a dangerous bad*ss with the x-rated skills and virility to match, don’t bother. Must be willing to protect us from danger, value our quirkiness, and keep your mouth shut when said quirkiness is what leads to said danger. Momma’s boys named Dan Smith need not apply.**

I know. It’s a bit wordy. In fact, it would probably cost a fortune. Luckily, we’re not ready for the personal ad. We’re not that desperate...yet.
This is my story.
A is for Alpha Male is book #1 in the A is for Alpha Male series by Lauren Ulen Curtis and the first thing I have read by this author.
My first impression of this book are that this author is a comic genius I literally LOLed!!!
The good bits...
·         Hayley is flipping hilarious!!!
·         I love the mother daughter relationship between Hayley & Alison
·         Danny, nuff said (swoon)
The not so good bits...
·         I totally guessed that Danny would be Ryan and that he had been in witness protection.
·         I found the constant references to books by Kristen Ashley a bit weird I’ve never read any of her books so the in-jokes didn’t mean anything to me.
This author is seriously funny I loved Hayley she’s proper mad as a box of frogs!!!
I rarely find any authors who can write sarcasm but Lauren Ulen Curtis defiantly can, Hayley is a brilliant mix of funny and sensitive and I’m sure every woman who reads this book will find elements of themselves in Hayley.
It was incredibly refreshing to find a mother daughter relationship like Alison & Hayley, too often mothers in contemporary romances are portrayed as evil witch’s or sympathetic telephone support. I want to be as cool as Alison when I’m 49!!!
Danny, Danny, Danny I think that really all I need to say is YES PLEASE!!! He’s actually perfect, from the first few words he utters in the bar he became my new book boy crush!!
This book has a big girl power vibe, very Thelma & Louise but with a better ending and I loved that it was feel good all the way through.
I love a bit of angst as much as the next person but sometimes it’s nice for a book to just be happy!! Now I know this book has a hint of drama but really it’s all about the love!!
I felt Danny & Hayley’s chemistry it was palpable in all of their interactions even when they were bantering and being snarky.
I very small criticism is that the sex scenes were a bit mehhh, but I like my books quite smutty so that could just be me and my dirty mind lol.
Ok so this author needs to write some more books, because I NEED to know what happens with Alison and Hunter!!!
I read this book in one go in my sunny garden and I laughed, giggled and possibly snorted at the really lol funny bits.
I loved this book its feel good genius, if you’re married it will bring on the remembered warm and fuzzy feeling of new love. If you are single it will give you hope that your own alpha male is waiting out there for you somewhere.
Overall I LOVED this book and I will definitely be reading Danny’s book Secret Alpha!