Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Wrath of Sin by Tabatha Vargo - 4 STARS!


The Wrath of Sin by Tabatha Vargo


Four shouldnt have liked it but i did stars

Wrath is everywhere, even in the deepest recesses of the innocent. It alters the souls of the desperate and depressed. Changing you, consuming you until all that's left is the sick desire to destroy everything in your path.


I'm not a murderer, but hate will make you do crazy things. I hate the man who stole my life from me, and it's only fair that I steal something precious from him. But revenge is bittersweet when passion overpowers your reason, and the girl that’s precious to him becomes the voice of reason for me. Pushing me to feel human again, she threatens to change everything.

She calls me Sin, and she will feel my WRATH.


Excitement, passion, desire – those were all foreign to me. I needed something more in my life, but when I meet him, I get more than I bargained for. I’m sickened with desire for my keeper. He’s a mystery, an enigma, but he’s hurting. I want to be the one to save him, but I have to save myself first.
I call him Sin, and he’s the epitome of LUST.
The Wrath of Sin is the new standalone novel from Tabatha Vargo, now I’m a massive fan of this authors Blowhole Boys series but I will admit I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from this book.
I have a real mixed feeling about this book, I liked it but I’m not sure if I should have. Now that may sound odd but this is such a delicate subject matter, Emily falls in love with Sin who let’s be honest has some mental health issues, oh and he also holds her hostage!!!
The good bits...
·         Emily, I like this girl she’s strong and determined and really just took everything in her stride, I mean sin kidnaps her and apart from a couple of meltdowns she is so calm about everything.
·         Sin, now talk about an antihero, you really shouldn’t like him but I did.
The bad bits...
·         Emily is a grief councillor and Sin is consumed by anger and grief...hmmmm
·         Sin has some serious mental health issues at the start; they don’t just go away if you fall in love!!
God I’m not sure what to say about this book, Tabatha Vargo is brilliant at taking uncomfortable and painful subjects, like grief and death and anger and creating engaging characters.
Although Sin is dangerous and concerningly angry and perhaps even borderline crazy I still liked him. I find it amazing that even as he’s planning to kill someone, I didn’t find him contemptible I felt sorry for him.
For a parent to lose a child especially at such a young age is one of the most traumatising and heartbreaking things they could ever experience. Sin’s pain and grief is felt in every word that Tabatha Vargo has written and as a parent myself I can understand his need for revenge and retribution.
I know I should be outraged that Sin is prepared to kill another person, but I’m not and that’s what I have issue with, that’s why I don’t feel like I should have liked this book.
Now Emily & Sin falling in love, hmmm it shouldn’t work.  I should be ranting and saying... OMG how ridiculous, he held her hostage, tried to kill her, threatened her father what the hell is wrong with her. This should feel like a Stockholm syndrome love story but it doesn’t.
This feels like a love story in an unlikely situation and as wrong as it still feels I really liked this book!!