Monday, 23 June 2014

Ties That Bind - Book #3 in The Bellum Sisters Series by T.A. Grey - 4 STARS!!!

Ties That Bind by T.A. Grey
Four I Love Alrik Stars
Blurb - Lily Bellum keeps many secrets, even from those she loves the most. With a determination and mindset that only she can help the demon Telal Demuzi—she sets off to join him in his cause for demon's rights, whether he wants it or not. But things don’t seem to go right from the beginning. To say he’s resistant to her charms is putting it lightly, but Lily is not one to back down or give in easily. She pursues Telal, slowly breaking down his incredible defences one smile, kiss, and touch at a time.

Telal’s years of planning are finally coming to fruition—to open the rift. Once a betrayer of his people, now he’s determined to fix the past. But one man stands in his way; one man who’s turned out to be a dark and sinister version of the boy he once knew. His plan to open the rift is met with hostility, resistance, and bloodshed unlike he’d ever thought possible. Telal finds that losing himself in the sweet body of Lily Bellum proves an excellent treatment to the chaos around him. Together, Telal and Lily get wrapped up in a world of dark magic, love, betrayal, and murder in the greatest journey of their lives.
Ties That Bind is book #3 in The Bellum Sisters Series and for me this series just keeps getting better!!
Ok so the good bits...
·         Telal I love that even as he’s being vile to Lilly and trying to send her away he secretly doesn’t want her to go.
·         Lilly, talk about tenacious she absolutely doesn’t take no for an answer!!!
·         This series just keeps getting better and better.
And the not so good bits...
·         Lilly's mom turning up I was not really feeling that.
·         Telal’s mom being a complete nutter and then just being banished, they are going to live to regret that!!!
This is the third book in this series and I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Ties That Bind differs from the first two books and it was definitely a refreshing change.
I love Lilly she absolutely mad as a box of frogs, she completely bombards Telal and invades his home!! I actually laughed out loud when she threatened to report him to the authorities if he didn’t fulfil his role as her protector.
I have never had such a clear picture in my head of a character so gobsmacked as Telal in that moment it was pure genius on the authors part.
I love how confident but yet quietly insecure Lilly was, she was so in your face and loud whilst playing up to Telal but she wasn’t vampish with it. I think her character was brilliantly written as a shy girl putting on a confident show.
Telal for me was the Christian Grey of the demon world (apart from the kinky fetishes lol). He was stoic and sarcastic until Lilly got her claws in him then he suddenly finds some passion and intensity I really enjoyed watching him develop.
Lilly & Telal have some chemistry but I didn’t find the sex as sexy as the previous two books. I actually feel like the romance almost took a back seat from the drama between Telal and Alrik.
I really enjoyed the change in pace in this book there was still action and fighting but it was more planned and calculated. I’m so glad that the T.A. Grey didn’t just tell the same convince him to love me story again, this book evolved the whole series to a different level with a much more complex involved storyline.
I have an issue with this book though it’s not a big issue it’s just bugged me!! Lilly says that she thinks that Talel knows why the girls were gifted by Lilly’s father to those specific men and she wants him to explain. But we don’t find out and now I need to know!!! I’m gonna assume it’s because the men stand for the leaders in their species and they are then united by the sisters and as such work together but is that what I’m meant to assume!!! God I’m so OCD sometimes lol.
Arhhh Chloe is pregnant in this book I think that answers my question do vampires have babies’ lol.
I loved Rosa & Kearnyn she’s a seriously badass witch and he’s a man mountain warrior I love them!!
Alrik is a very complicated character and I’m seriously intrigued by him and his story, I love the idea that the black magic combined with his hate and anger have literally changed his physical appearance and turned his skin and eyes black.
I kind of feel that although I loved Lilly & Telal that Alrik stole the show in this book, his character completely captured my attention and I can’t wait to read his book.
Overall I loved this book it was action packed and smut filled and I enjoyed every moment of reading it.