Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Iris by R.K. Lilley - The Wild Side #2 - 4.5 Stars!!

Iris by R.K. Lilley
Four and a half i need to know stars

Who is Iris? Where did she come from? Where has she gone?

Alasdair Masters has more questions than answers about his new, too young obsession, and when he finds out she’s been lying to him, from their first meeting to their last one, he’s more confused than ever about her feelings, her intentions.

And what’s just as confusing are his own feelings. Has he turned something purely physical into something emotional in his own head? Is any of it mutual?

The only thing he doesn’t question is whether he’ll keep going back for more.

Me, I was simple. I was order. A very neat, efficient machine that ran on nothing but air.

Me plus anyone else, well, that was another matter. And me plus Iris, that was a monster of a machine, with all gears going at different speeds, some spinning off their hinges, just going mad, but it was a wonderful madness, at full throttle, misfiring in all directions.

It felt wonderful and dreadful.
I was breaking down, and it felt amazing.
And terrifying.

Iris is the second book in The Wild Side Series and god if you thought the first book was an enigma you have not seen anything yet.
Ok so the good bits....
·         Dair is literally like a different person from the neurotic hermit we first saw in The Wild Side I love him!!!
·         Iris, Christ I don’t even know what to say but she’s pure genius!!
·         Turner aka the tyrant is bloody hilarious!!
And the not so good bits...
·         This book was even shorter than the first book!!
·         The next book doesn’t come out till the 25th July I can’t wait that long!!
God I read The Wild Side and went straight onto Iris and after both books I’m still not really any closer to knowing what the hell is going on.
I have some suspicions that include the Vice President and car crashes but that could be completely out in left field.
Do you know what though I love guessing, I love that I’m stumped. The way that R.K. Lilley has written the two books in this series is just brilliant she has ramped up the tension and intrigue slowly. I mean hell for most of the first book I didn’t even really know there was something darker going on I was just suspicious!!!
And that’s why these books are so brilliant because it sneaks up on you, one minute I’m reading a sexy romance and the next I’m embroiled in a brilliant mystery where I genuinely I don’t have a clue!!!
Just like the last book this is a smokingly hot read, Dair & Iris (if that’s her real name wink wink) have a lot of chemistry and the sex is smutty and sexy and generally squirm worthy.
I love that R.K. Lilley has managed to name drop some of the characters from the Up In The Air series and Frankie & Estella even got to make a cameo lol.
Dair’s character has changed so much since we first met him and I love the new alpha backbone he has grown. Now I just need him to start fighting for Iris and I think we can expect that in the next book.
Again Iris is a complete enigma, I mean yes we learn some random facts about her but they are small and really don’t come close to explaining her or her situation. I still adore her she is so frustratingly vague and although it drives me insane for her to not explain what’s happening, the way the author has written her avoidance tactics is hilarious.
Overall I LOVED this book and I can’t wait till the next one comes out!!