Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Wild Siide by R.K. Lilley - The Wild Side #1 - 4.5 Stars!!

The Wild Side by R.K. Lilley
Four & a half more than
meets the eye stars

Alasdair Masters is in a rut. He just hit forty, has been nearly celibate for the past year, and his life has turned into a daily sequence of lonely patterns that revolve around avoiding human contact.

His tidy life is turned on its head when a hot young blonde at the gym that’s been pseudo-stalking him decides to rock his world. A very young blonde. Way, way too young for him. The problem is, he can’t seem to tell her no, and she just keeps coming back for more.

It doesn’t help that he’s ninety percent sure she’s a criminal, and still, he can’t seem to turn her down. What is a dull introvert to do when a chaotic cyclone that oozes sexuality comes twisting into his life?

At first, he thinks she’ll give him a heart attack, but after his twenty-year marriage ended a year ago, he’s been a little lost, and when she comes crashing into his life, he realizes that he’s never felt more alive.

Is a walk on the wild side just what he needs to get his on track or a disaster in the making? Is it possible for someone that much younger to be just what he needs, or is she a fortune hunter, as everyone keeps telling him? Is it his hormones telling him that the mysterious younger woman is the one, or could it be more?
The Wild Side is book #1 in The Wild Side Series by the author of the amazing Up in the Air Books.
I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this book but I was definitely pleasantly surprised.
Ok so the good bits...
·         Iris, god I absolutely adore her, what an enigma.
·         Dair he really finds his backbone in this book.
·         There is an air of surrealism in this book.
And the not so good bits...
·         This book was far too short for me; I was completely absorbed in the story when it ended... Not Cool!!!
Ok so from the blurb I really wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this book, what swayed me in the end was that I love this authors books so I figured I would give it a go.
I’m so glad that I did, it took me a while to warm up to Dair he was just a bit too much of a weirdo to start off with and I didn’t think I would engage with him.
How wrong I was! Dair seriously found his mojo again and Christ the bloke was like the sex energiser bunny he never stopped!!
I can’t quite put my finger on what is weird about him but something about him is a bit unsettling, now I can’t say that this is a completely bad thing is makes him edgy and ever so slightly mysterious and hell that’s sexy!!
I adored Iris she was super perky but I kind of felt like everything she did or said was a double entendre. Christ the girl has some serious sex appeal, she was starting to turn me lol.
I honestly feel that Dair completely misunderstood her though; I really didn’t feel like she had an ulterior motive for wanting to be with Dair but perhaps I’m wrong.
I love the mystery that is surrounding Iris I honestly have absolutely no idea what’s going on with her but I think she’s counting cards. I think there’s so much more to her than this book allows us to see.
I’m really looking forward to seeing what she’s up to and I’m hoping that some of the next book is written in her POV.
R.K. Lilley has a very dirty mind and the sex is hot as hell, the chemistry between Dair & Iris is literally crackling and I was seriously squirming through the whole book.
This whole book has a very surreal feel to it; I was half expecting Dair to wake up and for this all to have been a dream.
I absolutely loved this book and I can’t wait to find out what happens next, thank god Book #2 Iris is already out because I’m not sure I can wait for my next fix.