Friday, 1 August 2014

Twist of Fate by Ella Fox - Renegade Saints #2 - 4 Stars

Twist of Fate by Ella Fox
Four absolutely lovely stars
Blurb - One night that changed everything.

Leah Cooper was an absolute mess caught in a downward spiral until Gavin Wilde made a brief appearance in her life at a critical moment.

Years later a Twist of Fate brings them back together again.

Leah needs special loving care to bring her back to life and Gavin Wilde is just the man for the job.
Twist of Fate is book #2 in the Renegade Saints series but is also a spinoff from The Hart Family series.
I’m abit of an Ella Fox fan so I’ve read all of The Hart Family books as well as the first Renegade Saints book and I loved them all!!!
This book is a lovely feel good read and although it is a standalone I would recommend that you read the other connected books to get a full appreciation.
Leah is such a sweet character; she has gone through so much that it’s amazing that she isn’t rocking in a corner.
I love Gavin he’s a genuinely honest to goodness nice bloke and that’s a rare sort. I normally prefer my book boys brooding and alpha, but something about Gavin just makes me swoon!
Gavin & Leah have chemistry but it’s more of adoration and love rather than sizzling sexual desire but I kind of like that. Given what Leah has been through it would be unrealistic for her to be jumping into Gavin’s bed.
I liked that they became friends first, I really became engaged in the relationship and I wanted them to be together and to overcome their issues.
As I’m a massive fan of The Hart Family books for me it was great that we got to see some of Leah’s perspective of things that happened in the previous books, and I loved that the character were all there in some respect.
I loved Cole & Tyson and I can’t wait to read their books, I think that Tyson is going to end up with Gavin’s sister Gabriella!!!
This book’s is sickly sweet and generally lovely, I smiled my way through the whole book and came out feeling like the world is a lovely place lol. This book gets 4 smiley happy stars from me!!